About Me

Concerned about what is in the products we use everyday, I started this blog on what I found out there. Written from the heart, my blog is for all those people who feel the same way as I do.

As a mum of four girls, and a grandmother of two boys, I’m concerned about what is in the products we use everyday. That makes me question things. What are the effects of ingredients in everyday products? Product ingredients that go onto and into my children and my family.  And it’s a minefield to find something totally safe. I feel it scary and I’m concerned.   What exactly is in the everyday products I, we, use?

There are so many products out there. I’ve grown weary of the noise and marketing hype. The publicity is centred about solving problems (Which is a good thing) but they don’t tell you how they achieve this and whether they truly are safe and good for you. Product ingredients that most people, including myself, don’t have a clue about.

I’ll be the first to admit that I took for granted and assumed that product ingredients meant that they are safe. Everyone wants and expects safe products for their kids and family but who has the time to check let alone the knowledge?   Reading about lead in lipstick, engine degreaser in shampoos and asbestos in talcum powder really worries me. What am I putting onto and into my family and myself?   So why can’t “Clean” mean 100% clean?   Why can’t “Natural” mean 100% natural? Why can’t ORGANIC mean 100% Organic?   Why can’t you buy something without needing a PhD to know what the ingredients mean or do?   So I started to dig a bit deeper. All I wanted was safe, or at least safer, products. Products that we use daily such as soap, shampoo, cleaning products. Even products for our dogs and gardens. Nothing special or spectacular. And it’s so hard! It’s not easy! It takes a lot of time.   I reached a point where I had enough! Going grey with all this nonsense, I decided to do something practical.   So I started this blog on what I found out there on the internet. What I discovered was that changing toward safer, healthier products is a gradual thing and certainly not overnight. People and families don’t suddenly change what they use without good reason. My blog is about what I found for my family and myself. It’s a  gradual learning process for me that I’m sharing.    Things I cover are: Clean Beauty, Low Impact living, Household Tips & Tricks, DIY Beauty, Clean Everything, Natural cosmetics, Natural Beauty, Homemade Cosmetics, Garden Products, Pet Health and so much more.   Written from the heart, my blog is for all those people who feel the same way as I do. I’d love to hear what products and recipes that you have found that are healthier, safer and beneficial to you and your family. You can drop me a line at withoutthenastystuff@gmail.com   Click on Blog and find out how you can live a life without the nasty stuff in your life.