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Taking care of our mouth and teeth is supposed to be good for us. But if what we use isn’t…what then? Here are some ideas that work just as well and perhaps better.


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Taking care of our mouth and teeth is supposed to be good for us. But if what we use isn’t…what then? Here are some ideas that work just as well and perhaps better.

What is in it ?

I have found a really good article by DR MERCOLA on 7 TOXIC TOOTHPASTE INGREDIENTS

DR MERCOLA can explain much better than I could, he also gives a couple of ideas for homemade recipes.

Since then there is an article on the use of TRICLOSAN which was at one time put into Colgate toothpaste.

Which of course is a hugely popular product. Included in the article below explains the issues with this.

This article is by QZ.COM 

ASK THE DENTIST.COM has a really great fact finding article plus more homemade recipes for toothpaste. 

We have been using this type of homemade toothpaste for some time now, there is an article on this too from the newspaper THE TELEGRAPH  where a lead researcher Dr Damien Brady  at the Athlone Institute of Technology in  the Republic of Ireland, gives reasons why this can work. the article is from 2012.


I came across another brand of tooth and gum powder by Laila London , an organic product. This is Fluoride free and naturally whiting.



They have many other products for the teeth.


Charcoal, seems to becoming more an more popular these days. Some people suggest using it only twice a week. Some information on a review on the comments.

Some conflicting advice on the BBC on Charcoal toothpaste 

Advice on whether they have found any benefit to using them to whiten teeth. IT is worth perhaps looking into this a bit further.

Our local shop seems to have charcoal in everything!

THIS VIDEO BY ASHLEY – is a homemade toothpaste recipe, it seems to be a popular choice.


I found a great little container/ cup for your toothbrush when travelling. This has no toxic chemicals and no metals in it .

Made by GAROSA it comes in different colours too.( info on link.)

Made of high quality material, free of heavy metal, eco-friendly, harmless, nontoxic and durable in use.


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If you fancy trying a different type of brush than the plastic version –

BAMBOO RAINBOW TOOTHBRUSHES – Bamboo, biodegradable toothbrush is naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial. BPA FREE

BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSHES – WHITE if you are not into colour.


I did hear one comment ,” only floss the teeth you want to keep!” love that!

I hate that you can’t even use a floss without wondering what it is covered in!

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SCIENCE ALERT has a very revealing article, on some of the toxic ingredients, that can be hiding a simple product such as dental floss.

SILENT SPRING INSTITUTE Has another article with links to look deeper into this issue which has come to light more this year.

DR MERCOLA also has a good article on this. A very clear reporting on this topic.

Click to open expanded view GEORGANICS NATURAL CHARCOAL DENTAL FLOSS They are using a beeswax base, ingredients on link. Plus they have refills available to refill the glass container. WATER FLOSSING  I have never tried this, it sounds a great way to cut out the chemicals and keep a clean mouth as well. Our daughter has braces at the moment which is an ongoing procedure for the last two years, I don’t know if you have experienced the hygiene aspect of these, and the amount of care in keeping these clean. I  wish I had seen these before. If you want a totally different approach how about a water flosser?This one has no need of using a chemical covered floss. MORPILOT  WATER FLOSSER. This one is hugely popular and has three different actions. 


I had never realised just what was in these liquids. Some have alcohol , I had heard that they can also cause problems with the natural flora in your mouth.

THE DENTAL HERB COMPANY explain the why using the Alcohol in a mouthwash isn’t the best choice.

ASK THE DENTIST has a good clear article on the dangers and problems of using some mouthwashes. Giving tips on how to create your own homemade solution.

OUR OILY HOUSE VIDEO on using essential oils to make your own mouthwashes and teeth whitening.


Georganics Coconut Pulling Mouthwash

A mixture of oils , list of ingredients on the link.

HEALTHLINE.COM  have written about the science around OIL PULLING , another way of keeping a clean mouth. This was new to me as well.

Though they say the art of oil pulling for a healthy mouth has been used for many years in India, it is part of a type of Ayurvedic medicine .

ON WEBMD they have some other suggestions on how to use this methods to enhance your dental hygiene.


I have seen mixed views on this for some years. I am still not sure what is the best way to think of it all, I thought if I could  give a balance of differing views it may be more helpful to you .

As my older children were growing up, I was told by dentists that it was a good thing that they had lived in an area where Fluoride was added to the drinking water, that was one reason their teeth were stronger.

Since that time I have often seen organic products offering a Fluoride free toothpaste or product, that got me wondering why the promotion of this fact.

WEBMD give the reasons in a clear report, where you can look at the pros and cons of using it, according to them it seems as if the dosage is the import factor.

have mentioned before we live in France and part of Europe.

This report on Fluoride is from the EU 

THE TELEGRAPH NEWSPAPER has a really interesting article going back into time when Fluoride was added to the drinking water and going into some of the myths and issues that may come from this, giving a different perspective on using it.