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Bath Bombs

Do you know what is in that heavenly smelling Bath bomb or candle? are you having a bath in a chemical soup? Have a look at what could be effecting you while you relax.


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What is in these ?

Firstly how relaxing, to lay in a nice deep bath, with hopefully a little peace ( from someone calling you for something! ) and perhaps a glass of wine and candles ( I will put some info on candles below)

Maybe some fizzy scented bath bombs.

That was a relaxing thought, until I saw what was in them!

I have to admit I wasn’t aware of the chemicals that could be in these.

It hadn’t crossed my mind.

Firstly the Fragrance or Perfume as we have seen before , hides a multitude of sins. YUK!

Then it can also have Hormone disruption, Parabens, Dyes and other chemicals, explained on this link by HEALTHLINE.COM 

Here is a video on how to make these with natural ingredients, so that you really can relax in the bath!

The lady has made some very beautiful Bath Bombs.

They look easy to make, something you could make with your children too.

Since first writing about these I made up the mixture for my daughter to try in the bath, I didn’t have anything to form the shape so just mixed up the ingredients. I did use a bit of food colouring , more of a paste really, very strong in colour, which made the bath go blue! so glad it was just the bath and not my daughter! It was simple to do, and being able to add your your own essential oils was lovely. The recipe we used did have some oil added which was to help moisturise the skin. The only problem with that was if you got your hair wet, you needed to rewash it. I definitely will try to make these again, when I have found some containers to form the shapes.



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Just a little note on candles , a good friend of mine, suggested looking into candles. Having seen some information on just how they are made. Again not everything is the same and you can find more natural products without the toxins.

We are breathing in any fumes from these, not something I was really aware of.We often used to light candles in the evening or at a dinner party to give a nice relaxing mood. It has really made me look at where we were purchasing these from.

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I love to have candles in the bathroom when I take a bath. So I agreed to add a finding on these too.

I visited Pennsylvania in the USA years ago and the Amish people made the most amazing candles, I have never seen such works of art before or since. They have many hand dipped varieties too.

LOVE TO KNOW explains the different candles through the past and the problem nowadays with using Petroleum products to make certain candles. I guess it makes them cheaper to produce. I wish some of these items have warning labels on them so it makes you aware of what you are buying.

Of course you can still find natural products for example made with Beeswax.

NORFOLK BEESWAX COMPANY sell some pure Beeswax candles.

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EXQLINE sell these amazingly pretty non toxic candles made from Natural Soy Wax in travel tins, a great present. Scented candles made entirely of natural organic and plant pure soy materials ( from link)