Beards ( & How To Take Care Of Them Naturally)

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One of the most popular searches on google, was styling of your beard . The growing of a beard seems to be an increasing trend. The increasing popularity of beards started even before we were all in lockdown. You can understand, not bothering to shave if you don’t have to appear at the office everyday. ( other than on video call )

This a woman’s take on what is it to live with your partners beard!

The condition of your partners beard, can really affect our skin, especially problems like razor burn, if you like to get up and personal! Finding a style that they love and you want to live with. I have seen some really straggly beards. So what follows are some of the styles I have seen mention.


This is either the start of a beard or just that sexy stubble look. This sounds a better choice ,if you have some patchy areas that would really show up with a fuller beard.

Panasonic offer advice on how to achieve this look with their electric razors.

The Trend Spotter – has “27 Awesome Beard Styles for Men in 2021”

They explain the different styles that you can try, seeing what style most suits your face shape. Often with a beard, your hair style and type will be a factor in how the end result looks- What Hair Type Am I , may help you decide on what shape of Beard suits you better.


Photo by Mary Taylor on

The not too long or short type. Surely this must be the easiest to look after?

2-FULL BEARDS ( like the video below on here)

I would think that this takes much more care, using beard oils and combs to keep this conditioned and smooth.


This it seems can change your face shape, but again the use of products like oil would still be important not to look straggly, and as a woman, a bit of a mess!


Apparently this was all linked to bikers, I guess it reminds me of the Harley Davies Bikers, According to The Trend Spotter, Brad Pit had one of these.( sorry guys, I think Brad Pitt could probably get away with most styles! )

There are a huge amount of styles out there. It must be difficult to decide what style to go for.

Trend Spotter go into many more styles, from Short, Viking, Asian, Black, Bald with beards, Round face, Medium or Long hair. There seems to be quite a bit to consider in what style is better for not just your face shape, but also how much time and commitment you have in keeping your beard conditioned, trimmed and blending it with the hair style that you prefer.


Growing a beard could take some patience! 6-8 Weeks if you are trying to grow your beard. Or if you are trying to keep the shape of your beard and are happy with the style and length every 3-4 weeks. While caring for the condition of your beard at the same time. Using scissors instead of clippers.


This video below has a huge following on YouTube . A good looking guy, some of the comments on the video made me smile, I saw a later video of him having his beard shaved off. It must be a shock after lovingly growing one for some time.

Some of the recommended products for conditioning your beard are below- this is to save our faces too, from being scratched to pieces.


GLYDER- Answer the question -“ Applying Beard Oil ( Without Overdoing )”

 They say that it is “normal to apply beard oil at least three times a day” They mention that Beard Oil can be like a sun screen in the Summer, that is great. They offer advice on how to apply Beard Oil & the amount to use.

Stubble and Stache – Give the advice of Twice a day to apply the Beard oil, Once in the morning then again before bed. This can depend on your beard and skin condition and your lifestyle.


Oil just for beards( better for itchiness) and care of the underlying skin is so important. There are also Organic Balms for beards( Better for styling) Depending on what your looking for.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil  to give your beard shine, also to keep it soft without being greasy. Others here


Beard wax -with natural oils and essential oils for fragrance, please look at the label as it may contain a nut oil.

I saw this VIDEO on helping your Beard by LIVE BEARDED it seems to give some ideas on simple mistakes. More guys with beards. Is it easier to deal with ?

BEARD DANDRUFF(known as seborrheic dermatitis)

Yes this was a new one on me!

If you can suffer with dandruff in your hair, it can also happen with a beard. It must be quite embarrassing and distressing to have flakes dropping or catching in your well cultivated beard .


So far I have found an oil that they say gets rid of beard dandruff quickly – It is called PREMIUM BEARD OIL – PINE ( 100% Natural Ingredients) made by Beardoholic, Dandruff can cause a very irritating itch, which could get worse without treatment. It is treatable which is great news.

Beard Dandruff can come from different factors, like stress or yeast/ fungal infections, which can grow from the moisture in your beard ( especially if you are wearing a mask as well.

Healthline have an article on -” Beard Dandruff; What Causes it, and how can you get rid of it” Covering in depth the reason your skin can have this problem, also how to get rid of it by Exfoliation, Washing and Moisturizing. Often the cold weather will be a factor in getting dandruff.

Caring for your beard throughout the year seems to be the best way of avoiding these problems. Prevention is always better than cure. There are many natural and non-toxic products that are available for beards. You will find some on this blog.

I have seen different opinions on using a dandruff shampoo on your beard, with companies like Head & Shoulders saying Yes.

But many others like Beardoholic saying No. Using normal anti dandruff shampoos can have harsh detergents which wont help your skin.

( This link- goes into products for Men’s Hair )

Beardoholic have a number of beard shampoos suitable for the sensitive skin under your beard. They also have special combs for keeping the beard neat.

Again a lot of issues are down to the moisturizing .

Pure Jojoba Oil Organic Beard oil is suggested to help stop the itching, on this link on Amazon.

BEAUTY AND THE BEES– Have natural products for beards called Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard – made in Tasmania


Wearing a mask everyday is bad enough, but the problems you can occur if you have a beard are even harder. The bulk of a full beard can effect the fit of your mask, allowing gaps to appear, which is definitely a big No.

I have come across masks which have been made to accommodate a beard

Getting the right fit is important. The other issue is that it can exacerbate any skin problems under the mask.

If your beard is left damp, this can cause moisture under the mask ( try a hair dryer?), leading to skin problems like acne or possibly sore itchy and flaky skin and beard dandruff .

I have seen some chats , that wearing a mask has put a dent into their beards. Maybe time to trim a little!

This must be so difficult if you are wearing a mask for work everyday. It is hard to get away and have a breather to allow your skin to breathe.


Honest Amish Oil – Their products are natural and they have organic ingredients.

Beardoholic– All Natural blend of oils – for itch & dandruff plus hair growth

Organic beard oils here on link.

STUBBLE AND STACHE have some help in this area too. They reckon that more than 50% of men at one point or other has had to deal with it. Dry skin, sensitivity to products or as mentioned in the link- also Microorganisms causing many issues.

Finding the right products to be in harmony with your skin is also very helpful for prevention.

Beard oils are a blend of organic oils such as –Argan, Jojoba, Sunflower, Hemp seed and Coconut Oil .

These oils help to promote hair growth. The reviews on these oils say they leave the beard soft.

TOM FW Has a number of homemade recipes for BEARD BALM, after seeing some of the costs of these small pots, it has to be worth a try. The recipes are made with Beeswax , Organic Butter( Most often I have seen the use of Sheabutter), a Carrier oil plus an Essential oil.

ECO LIVING MAMA How to Make the Best Beard Balm ( To tame unruly beards) I love the sounds of these recipes. Karla has a husband with a beard , so well versed in the care. She says that you need to have both Beard Oil and Beard Balm to condition your beard properly.

What are the differences between Beard oil and Beard balm?

Beard Balm can be used as a lip balm while applying it to your Beard. Beard Balm is better for better for styling and getting your Beard to hold in shape and leave you with a matt finish.

Beard Oil is great for moisturizing itchy skin and beard dandruff.

Beard Brand – ” The Difference Between Beard Oil and Beard Balm”

They suggest that Beard Balm is good for medium to long beards. Using a Beard Comb or Brush to blend the Oil through your beard.


Photo by Gustavo Fring on

Beards like all our hair will grow grey, if you are not ready as yet to become a ‘silver fox’ then looking for a natural way of coloring your beard maybe something you have been looking for.

I am always on the hunt for Natural Clean Products without toxic ingredients, and Beard Dye is no different.


Actually my husband came across this website called Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye. They offer a permeant beard dye, 100% chemical free and organic. This is made from Henna ,Indigo, Neem Tree, False Daisy and Fresh Emblic.

Great looking website from a company based in Canada. They offer different shades from browns to black. Maybe you just want to tone down the grey a little.

Also available here on Amazon.

Another company offering a Henna product for beards here too, The Products come in many colors.

Root to Leaf– offer an organic Indigo product that can be blended with other natural ingredients- They suggest it can also be used for baldness and conditions the hair.

Earth Dye- Another company offering a Henna and herb dye-Info On Link. They offer help to match up your beard color too. Made in USA.

So far I can only find natural beard dye with a henna and herb base. If you know any others that we can share, hop on our community group.


GOLDEN GROOMING COMPANY have 7 ways to create growth for Black men’s beards. The hair type can be more difficult to keep groomed. It can need more moisture, with oils and avoid harmful chemicals .

Not using normal shampoo and conditioners can help. Of course a good diet helps everyone. Also drinking enough water to stay hydrated.

Using the right comb or brush to keep it tangle free, can really help.

It really seems that you a commitment to grow a beard that looks and feels just the way you would prefer, it can be fairly high maintenance.

Dappermane have some ideas on “How to Maintain Your Beard

They explain how growing a beard as a black man is  unique and have its challenges.

This is due to the difference in hair type. Curly hair can get the problems of ingrown hairs and skin issues.

Also keeping your beard maintained by shampooing and conditioning it, trimming and brushing and combing , even if you are trying to grow a longer beard.


Photo by Zen Chung on

Black Beard Brigade – who also make natural products for beards have a great video on the different stages of growing your beard.

Fashion Gone RogueTop Beard Growth Tips for Black Men

 The process of growing the beard takes some time and work. They list the stages of care .

Trimming your beard is a must.

The second tip is to care for your skin beneath the beard ( as we have said right through this blog, moisturize is important )

Wash and moisturize your beard . See what works best for you and your skin and beard.

They say not to pull out ingrowing hairs , as it can leave scars on your skin. ( that is going to create patches where the hair will struggle to grow. )Keep healthy by eating and drinking enough water.

They do say to be patient with the growing phases. We all get impatient !

Finally after looking into beards, from a woman’s perspective, it is important for your partner to really invest some time in grooming his beard.

If you really want to enjoy touching and kissing his face, it is worth the time he will need to invest.

It really surprised me, just how many stages there are ,to achieve the beard that your partner wants. It isn’t just the special product or oils or even the Beard shampoo. It involves a good diet , plenty of water and exercise to keep healthy. Trimming and grooming. There is certainly plenty of Natural and Organic products out there for Beards. It is really worth investing in high quality products that will be applied to the sensitive skin on your face.