Perfumes and fragrances are “Trade Secrets” and with up to four thousand chemicals to make them up, you’ll never know what’s really inside them!.. Here, I share what I’ve found as possible solutions and alternatives.


Having our eyes look great is nothing new. Cleopatra is testimony to that. But what exactly are we putting near to our precious eyes and where does it come from? Here, I go through what I found some of which shocked me!


SUN CREAM This is always a subject I get totally confused on. I know the necessity of using a good sun cream or sunblock, but the stories in the media about what is safe or not, is totally confusing. Its not the easiest thing to dig the truth on, from all the different facts being […]


MEN’S STUFF, BODY ,BEARDS etc I guess that men have as many issues with their skin as women. My Husband suffers from dry skin, and nowadays at least men are taking better care of themselves and using creams and facial products,so much more than before. It can mean that your products are not safe from them […]


DEODORANTS- I guess this is one product that we use everyday, whether you are female or male. These can contain a whole host of chemicals, Aluminium ( the risks on using this still seem to be mixed) Parabens, Fragrances – and all the chemicals that they contain! DEA, TEA, Propylene  Glycol and others. There is […]


NAIL VARNISH /POLISHES What is in Nail varnishes and Polishes? I have always thought the smell of a nail varnish, smelt toxic, it is such a pungent smell. I can not say that I was surprised after seeing what is in them . I have found less toxic nail polishes, why on earth are they […]


LIPSTICK AND LIP-GLOSS I always felt that putting on a little bit of a bright red lipstick gave me a little boost for the day, made me feel a little more confident. Now I feel really disappointed in finding out just what I have been applying to my lips all these years. What really makes […]


CELLULITE – WAYS TO COMBAT IT Cellulite , or as I have also heard it called Orange peel skin. It is the dimpling of skin, often found on your thighs or bottom,but it can be in other areas as well. MEDICAL NEWS TODAY have information in detail on what it is, the causes and treatment […]

FOUNDATIONS , Liquid and Mineral

FOUNDATION What is in this product? How can you find one which is really good for your skin? Without all the chemicals in it? I thought I would start at the base, and work up through the layers of the makeup we apply. Foundation of course, can be made by different companies, therefore the combination […]


At the thought or sight of nits in your hair, it’s off down to the pharmacy! It’s what we do especially as parents. But is shoving a bunch load of chemicals on ourselves or kids the only answer? Are there better options out there?


This blog is a natural progression for me. If you want to make the change for products healthier for your skin and body, then the next logical step, is to make what you put inside your body healthier too. We became vegetarian by choice years ago. I know that isn’t for everyone. Even so, looking […]