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(Updated March 2021)


Cellulite , or as I have also heard it called Orange peel skin, cottage cheese , lumpy mattress and a few other not very nice names!

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It is the dimpling of skin, often found on your thighs or bottom, but it can be in other areas as well. More often found in women, though men can suffer too. Hormones and our age can be a factor. Lovely! Though you can get it in younger people. Being over weight can also contribute.

MEDICAL NEWS TODAY have information in detail on what it is, the causes and treatment available .

On the positive side REALBUZZ.COM have a food list which can help you get rid of Cellulite, or reduce it.” Asparagus, Avocados,” ( love both of these, often local people here in France sell the white Asparagus from their gardens. “Bananas, Berries, Cranberry Juice “( which is so good for health ) “Ginger , Dark Greens , Papaya, Oily Fish, Papaya & Whole Grains” Deeper info on link. Just the sound of these foods sound wonderful and healthy ( Not the fish for us – Veggie!)

This is not something I have tried but this video is very popular.

This Video from THE TALKO gives 10  different ways to combat CELLULITE

Here is a list of some Organic or safer products that I have come across so far to help.


This link is to their products on Amazon. They make a whole range of Organic products.


Their ingredient list is on this link too.

I am not sure if the Perfume is made up from the essential oils, as there are oils in this product. I can not find a link to the perfume as yet.

(Info from Link)

  • 100% CERTIFIED NATURAL and ORGANIC extreme high strength pure plant extracts. Good companion for your massage therapist, brush, scrub, massage roller . This cellulite remover massager oil offers a pleasant soothing experience for the whole body.

This product also contains  Tisochrysis lutea Extract (Microalgea) I wasn’t sure what this was. So I have included a link to SCIENCE DIRECT for an explanation.

I have never had to use these, do they work?

I don’t know, but there are a lot of people who do use them .




(Info from Link)

Natural Ingredients like Juniper, Caffeine Improve Blood Circulation, Burning Fatty Deposits and Strengthening Connective Tissue. Rosemary works to Tighten and Firm the Skin for a Smooth, Youthful Appearance

Both of these products contain natural ingredients like essential oils.

Take a look yourself to make sure that you are happy with what is in it.

BODY BRUSH FOR CELLULITE – there seem to be a number of brushes available. Even an electric one! STUWON 

MYTLP is another option for a brush .



We have all had to remove unwanted hair at some point in our lives. It can be embarrassing for women and girls with facial hair they don’t want.

I have good friends that were very dark haired and honey color skin ,which meant they had darker facial and body hair. It can be worrying for a girl at school or college, to feel they look a little different.

I came across this FANTASTIC VIDEO FROM ALLURE where she tried out 21 methods of hair removal. It is an amazing look into how to remove your unwanted hair, informative and funny too. I highly recommend it

HOW STUFF WORKS have a great article on how these creams work on your unwanted hair.

The chemicals used in creams or lotions ,get rid of the hair by working on dissolving the keratin of your hair, so that the hair can fall from the follicle.

There are of course other methods than using a chemical cream, some are more short lived such as a razor.


What can you make at home to remove hair?

HAIR REMOVAL JUST FOR WOMEN have a load of home made solutions to remove your unwanted hair.

THE SUN NEWSPAPER have a story of a woman using a toothpaste mixture to get rid of her unwanted hair!!!!!

No we haven’t tried any of these methods as yet!

I did see an article saying that using Turmeric on your skin can leave a staining. which could get interesting if you have used it on your face!

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I know these are guys legs, well I hope so! but we have a friend who is a cyclist, and yes they do remove the hair before racing!


I have seen these in different sizes, ones that will fit discreetly into your handbag.

The first time I ever came across one of these, I was staying at a friends home.

Her sister had bought one to try.

She had allowed her leg hair to grow long enough for the Epilator to work, then she disappeared into her bedroom to try it out. About five minutes later all we heard was a loud scream! I am not sure it was ever used again!

Its amazing just how many types of these are on the market now, different sizes, ones you can use in the shower, some even with lights.

There is even an Epilator Authority which can help with different questions.

Its quite an eye opener to see the questions on where they want to use these!

At least they are chemical free!


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When we used to live in England, we used to see shops and some stalls in shopping centres offering Threading.

I think it is quite an art. They seem to be effortless in shaping eyebrows with the threads. An Indian friend used to do this ,as part of her beauty business. Totally fascinating.

GLAMOUR have 8 things you were never told about Threading.

This video on Threading is a bit old but the method doesn’t change and it is amazing to watch!


Being lucky enough not to need this these methods, I have never tried these. I have heard it can be painful, but lasts a decent time. Caring for your skin afterwards is very important. Also care in the sun after using these methods.

The only reference to waxing and sugaring is the videos that you see on the TV, or online of guys trying it out with the horrified looks on their faces. Great fun. There is some information that advises you not to wax if you are on certain drugs or antibiotics .

BEAUTY IMAGE USA have a detailed table of information on the different uses of a cold wax as to compared to using a hot wax, which I think is really useful if you haven’t got a clue like myself. They compare the different parts of the body , giving advice on what to use.

LANSLEY do a non- toxic, natural wax beans, that don’t need to be boiling to be used , which stops the worry of burning yourself.

MOOM have an organic natural solution as well.


LIVE ABOUT.COM have a recipe for homemade sugaring and how easy this is to makeup at home.

I love that the ingredients for this ,are really easy to buy and to use, without any added nasty chemicals. With all these methods , it is worth moisturizing your skin afterwards.

If you don’t feel confident in making this up yourself, you can find some here. 

I have seen the use of a Pumice stone, I don’t know how effective these are. It is definitely natural though.

Mixing Turmeric with Whole milk – sounds lovely as long as the color yellow doesn’t stick!

Egg White – I came across this video on using a mixture with egg white using it as a peel, we have all seen the film dried egg forms.


If you fancy trying this out at home, then you can find a range of these here. They really seem to range in price, it does seem to take a while to get results after watching the video from Allure. 

After seeing that video from ALLURE , I have to admit, what some people will resort to, is amazing. The thought of using a type of sandpaper or duct tape, sends shivers down me.

After going through all these ways of removing hair, it can really vary in price ( Wax or equipment) or paying out to a beauty salon. How much pain you will put yourself through, with the balance on just how long the smooth skin will last.

It is worth looking at the options available. Any side effects, as there are certainly some that can cause some discomfort afterwards. I think it is worth trying some of the natural solutions at home too.