Coloring Your Hair ( The Natural Way)

What hair color highlights can you achieve without using harsh chemicals? Methods like Ombre or Balayage or ‘Grey Blending’.

What sort of hair color are you looking for? This blog covers some very natural ideas, ingredients found in your fridge ( fruits for example) or special highlighting that doesn’t need to be painted onto your scalp, which helps to reduce the amount of chemical exposure.

How about using temporary colors that wash out? or using fruits , vegetables or nuts for a different natural hair color approach?

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The amount of different hair colors seem to be increasing every time I read a news article, there seems to be a new one popping up.

Mind Body Green have some advice on using a toner on your hair, keeping to natural shades of your original hair color and tone, because they don’t open up your hair cuticle as permanent colors do, due to the peroxide and chemicals that they contain. Permanent colors can be very harsh on your scalp and I have had a few friends that have ended up with red patches in their hair line. Not great for your health either.

( Below Are Some Ideas ) too.

Apparently pigmented shampoos and conditioners for at home use are also considered Toners.

I really didn’t understand the term toner, in the context of hair color, but they say that even if you have brown hair, you can add a red toner to bring out red lights in your hair, sounds good.


Apple cider vinegar wash, to cancel out orange and yellow lights – ideas on link above.

Lemon mask Vitamin C – a little like we have covered before, a natural highlighter for blonde hair.

Or Chamomile tea– used in the same way for blonde hair. This something I have often seen advertised to be an ingredient in blonde shampoos.

Hollyhock flower– as a wash, comes in blue, pink, purple, red, white, yellow and black! The purple removes brassy tones- from link ” .

Holly Hock Plants -Not a plant that I have really come in contact with, it reminds me of a Victorian garden. Though I have seen some caution on touching them on this link

Style Crazy have some ideas on this too.

 Hibiscus tea spray– for red heads which a natural toner with this hair color. ( great for the hair, there is more information on hair growth with this product too. )

Sage Tea Or Black Tea – to darken your hair. ( I have tried this with Henna to darken some of the blends, unfortunately, it didn’t work for me, I tried coffee too, without much luck, maybe you will have more luck)

Betony Wash– again a flower- which you seep like a tea.( I found a link on the flower, as it was new to me, I hope this is the right one!)

Green Tea-seep the tea bags -On link above more info

Indigo Powder ( which is often found in Henna mixes to make the color – cool and brown )

BALAYAGE – Hair color but what is it? ( this was the nearest image I could find) Is It A Color Or A highlight ? Looking into it deeper and looking at some beautiful images , I found that it is a softer highlighted look . A natural soft look to enhance your hair color.

Styli lists use the color to paint your hair for a sun kissed look.

I have seen it mention that because the color isn’t applied directly to your scalp, it isn’t as invasive as a permanent color directly applied. Yes it still is a chemical color. The cost can be quite expensive due to the hand painting and the time aspect.

NUTRAFOL Give a clear understanding of what this entails. I have to admit it is a really pretty look. A really soft gentle grading of color.

Ombré Colors 

What are they? What is the difference between Balayage and Ombre? From what I have discovered, this a graduation of color starting with your own darker color and fading to light by the time you get to the tips.

It can be a very gradual color change, though I have seen others where they have a dramatic hair color change for example green or red then it goes into a normal brown color.

I came across this article on the different colors on GOOD HOUSE KEEPING.COM where they have “39 Best Ombré Color Ideas “

The color is applied to the hair length, so it isn’t as harmful as applying color directly to your scalp. Though if you are lightening the ends of your hair, it will still take a bleach products and the fumes will still be floating around you.

They have a load of photographs ,of many famous faces who have tried these colors. They look fun.



The change of attitude recently towards grey hair is amazing. I also felt that it was so aging and had been conditioned really by TV and advertisements to color my hair at the first grey hair. I had friends that were pulling out their first greys.

Yes, the colors grey or silver have been out for a while, normally on TV advertisements promoting a number of colors at the same time.

Whether the push towards grey is to do with women just growing out their hair and the lack of hairdressers treatments. I seem to toy with the idea, I have a lot of friends who are growing out their color and going grey gradually. At times I wish I had never started to color them, it seems an endless process!

I guess you either just grin and bear it, to grow out the color that you may have used ( a bit scary ) or if you can handle a cut, I suppose that is one way of not seeing such a difference in color, as your hair will be short.

I have to admit , I don’t think I could do that. To change your hair style to eventually get the look you would like.

Then only today I saw another trend for very long hair called ‘Mermaid Hair’ You have to go with what suits your face shape and lifestyle!

Or as mentioned below, maybe blending in the color until all your hair has grown out. It has to come from yourself, the reason to change your hair for how you feel inside, not for a beautiful hair color advertisements on TV. Maybe as I think has happened a lot in this Pandemic women are thinking enough is enough.

I know when I used to color my hair blonde, the time between each color seemed to be getting shorter each time. I just had enough in the end, I couldn’t face paying out so much money each time.

The most recent thing I have seen is ‘Grey Blending’ a way to blend in the grey so that you can go gradually grey more naturally. This seems to be a mixture of Balayage and highlighting . This gives a much softer look, with light and dark. Helping to give us a less high maintenance look, A much easier way to cope with greys. There are added silver or cool blonde colors to help this all look natural and effortless.

One thing the lockdown has allowed everyone is to give us time to grow out the colors that we have been using for years. Allowing the grey or white to come through naturally. There have been some beautiful transitions to a more natural look.

I found this video on a colorist changing hair back to grey, some stunning looks and something to give inspiration on just what this color can do for you. Beautiful.

There was a great article on Stylist ” Grey Hair trend: The Oyster Grey Colour Taking Over Instagram “ They cover some different color trends that I hadn’t heard of- “Mushroom Blonde Hair, Oyster Grey Hair, Nordic White Hair” ( a Platinum white color) “Charcoal Balayage “and grey blending, which works with your grey color to attain the color result you would like.

This article has some photographs of some beautiful women who have allowed their natural colors to come through.

Of course there is the total silver grey look, that comes straight from the bottle! I guess hair color then is a fashion statement.

Or if you just want to give a go without committing to a color change, there is always a wig for an instant change. Some great colors and styles here

There is a great article on who have “5 Effective ways To Dye Hair Grey Without Bleach”

They offer the suggestions of Chamomile, lemon and Honey amongst other ideas. The photos they use are definitely a grey. -“ How To Dye Hair Grey Without Bleach? Useful Guide “go through similar ideas, using citrus fruits, but have some wise words of caution on overdoing it and damaging your hair.

I am still trying to find products that achieve these colors without the harmful chemicals . Of course it can be a big change in color if you are going from a dark brown, black to grey. Most would suggest that you need to strip the color from your hair to achieve these looks. I will continue to dig for healthier solutions.

One color that although is only a one day fun color – seems to have a good rating on EWG is – L’Oreal Paris Hair Makeup Temporary 1-Day Hair Color. They are a fun color change for one day, maybe to match your outfit? L’oreal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup, #Silver Blue 600on EWG is a 4

AXE Hair Paint Styling Paste Temporary Hair Color, Silver- A 4 on EWG .

Manic Panic Semi Permanent Cream Hair Color, Blue Steel on EWG is a 2 green rating . But their Alien Grey color is a more unhealthy 6.


Watching TV the other evening, they were advertising lightening shampoo. It got me thinking about what could be in these to actually change the color of your hair? I did look up one product on EWG John Frieda One Go Blonde Hair Lightening. This link gives a total list of the ingredients.

I have seen mixed results, some people absolutely loving the products, and others having issues with allergic reactions, which when you look into link on EWG. I can understand , as that seems to the one are you need to be aware of.

From one review video, the lady was told that the lightening came from Chamomile and Citric additives. I am still not quite sure, as these ingredients are way down on the list. I am going to dig into each of the ingredients and add more information.

I wasn’t sure whether this product needed to be in the colouring section or the shampoo and conditioning?

They also make a root coverage product that contains Peroxide called Go Blonder Lightening Spray. 

This on EWG seems to be coming up as an 8

Of course there many other brands out there, probably for most people they have heard of John Frieda as they advertise so heavily.

KLORANE- offer a shampoo lightening product , which they say is
(with Chamomile for Blonde Hair, Enhances highlights, brightens blonde hair, Paraben, Hydrogen Peroxide, Ammonia, SLS Free) I can still see the word fragrance on there, which will add to the chemicals on the list via the link.

ORGANIC BEAUTY LOVER also have a number of shampoo without harsh chemicals, the name of the product they are suggesting is KAVELLA. They have purple and blue shampoo.

From Link – Purple Shampoo: for eliminating yellow in brassy blondes or gray hair

 Blue Shampoo: for eliminating orange and brassy tones in light browns to dark blondes

Red Shampoo: To refresh red tones or add warmth to medium or light brown hair

Copper Shampoo: To brighten light red to copper tones)

HEALTHLINE have a list of “7 different ideas for coloring your hair from natural items such as carrot juice, Beet juice, Henna, Lemon Juice and Coffee “( I did try the coffee mixed with Henna for a darker color, but this one didn’t work for me.) They suggest sage to darken brown hair too, with the possibility of it covering grey hair.


I was reading an article from MNN.COM  it is really interesting to see they are now trying to make colors from fruit such as Blackcurrant. I love that idea, taking inspiration from nature. There is also a very clear explanation on using Henna too. 


Photo by Dominika Roseclay on

Also in this search an article in NATURALER which also give some home made recipes for a gradual dyeing process , such as coffee, tea and seeped walnut shells to darken hair, and lemon juice to lighten hair.

That sounds really interesting, I suppose women for many years have been using homemade recipes.

I did find a warning on using the BLACK WALNUT HULL POWDER on WEB MD that is worth a look if you are intending to use this powder to dye your hair.

I have seen a few recipes for using walnuts in this way. Also I have seen this ingredient in some Henna mixes for brown hair. Do they make this clear? what if you are allergic to nuts like my daughter? 

Like anything else you need to research, if you are planning to use something different. 

You can find some interesting recipes for this on the website  ANNEMARIEGIANNI( ‘Ditch the Chemicals-7 Waysto Color Your Hair Naturally’ As they mention in the US, there could be over 5,000 chemicals in hair dyes.

The ideas are similar as mentioned above, using lemon juice, herbs, coffee, walnut shells and more. Often just seeping the ingredients in hot water. So raiding your cupboard sounds a great idea.

There are another 20 ideas for covering your grey hair more naturally from Style crazy This covers everything from Henna, Black Tea, Sage, Coconut oil with lemon juice, potato peel rinse, curry leaves, Black pepper, Black Coffee, Chamomile Tea, Apple Cider Vinegar, Fenugreek Seeds, onion juice, or Molasses .

Some really interesting ideas, which have the recipes included. I have seen quite a few on the search for natural coloring products. There are some definitely new ones there too.