Some of the ingredients found in conditioners and how to avoid them

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While looking into the ingredients in all these products, it seems to be the same ingredients that keep popping up. The cost of producing these must be so cheap as they are in everything!

Wouldn’t you like to just walk into a store, and buy something with confidence?

Some of the ingredients that can be found in conditioners are

Sulfates , Parabens, Perfumes/fragrance , PEG ( Polyethylene Glycol) and the list goes on.( more in depth explication  on these ingredients found on linking blog)

This website Stop and Grow, list all the chemicals that appear in shampoo and conditioners. They are offering a guide to having healthy hair and scalp. Very comprehensive .STOP AND REGROW .

They suggest that the main area you should focus on is your scalp. As this is where often the problems occur with allergies and skin problems. They give a list , similar to the ones above, with more explanations.

Maybe you would prefer to try making your own products?


I decided to try and do a little DIY for our family, I hope this helps you too. Looking into the conditioning side, without the nasty stuff has been an education.

A lot of the D.I.Y methods seem to focus on making a hair mask, which is often used before you shampoo. Which is fine , but that does take some planning, not always easy if you are busy!


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It sounds as though you can basically raid your fridge, using yogurt , avocado or banana mixed with a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil.

To these mixtures you can add a little honey ( the raw kind is best) . Honey helps to maintain moisture and strengthen the follicles.

 Milk and essential oils are another option to add to the mix.

Though after reading a lot more information on how to preserve your own products with preservative. I am more cautious  on what I mix together and where to keep them, ie possibly the fridge ,with things like milk and honey in the mixture.

Also not leaving them around too long. Putting a date on anything you make seems to make sense to me, I often forget when I have made something, then realize it is probably out of date!

I have to admit when I first started hearing about these mixtures, it seemed really odd to plaster your hair with thick gunge!

We are so conditioned, as to what to expect when we use a product, even though we have probably seen these ingredients mentioned in the products we buy. Getting used to different textures that we apply can also feel a little odd.


The general idea I have come across, is to experiment at what works best for you.

Taking into consideration the type of hair that you have.  Then judging  how much conditioning you actually need.

I have to admit for me, its often a time issue, the mornings are crazy with school and work hours.

I haven’t got the luxury of leaving a mask on at that time of the morning.

The masks are  recommend for once or twice a week , which isn’t so bad, maybe a girly evening? I am not sure that our teenage daughter would sit too long , they seem to want instant results.

While looking for conditioners that can be used in the more normal way , by using it just after the shampoo and rinsed out after a couple of minutes we came across FAB HOW really easy to follow pictures with the ingredients listed clearly. Often these are ingredients that can be found in your store cupboard, such as apple cider vinegar, essential oils such as lavender and rosemary.

This website has 7 different recipes for conditioners, the one we are going to try out is a coconut milk, it is listed on their site.

We will let you know what that was like, and give you some personal feedback to see if it is something you might like to try. We had a try with the coconut milk conditioner, it felt quite creamy, my first challenge was in the store, as I didn’t realise they come in different fat contents.

I guess if you have very dry hair go for the higher fat content. For hair that isn’t so dry , it felt better on the ends of the hair, not all over. I did put it into the fridge between uses to stop any mold forming.

Update- I gave this a go, I found that found myself and daughter it felt too heavy and a little greasy, but if your hair is very dry, it should work much better.


This very informative site is called LIVE ABOUT  BYRDIE

It  has a load of homemade recipes for hair masks. Its great to see different ideas.

The first one is Coconut Oil( I have been using this oil for my hair for sometime now. I know of some people who use it as a pre- mask then wash it off. For myself it works better just rubbed into the ends of my hair after washing. Experiment on what works for your hair.

MILK & HONEY MASK– They give a spray bottle recipe( on link) Again suggesting different fat contents of the milk depending on the type of hair you have.

Banana or Avocado & Olive Oil– made into a mixture. They say this is great for split ends. Mind you need to love the smell of banana for this one, our daughter won’t even come into the room if we are eating one!

Egg Yolk or Yogurt – Eggs were often used in the past, beer too I think.

Also another great site for some D.I.Y products , such as leave in conditioner and body washes is HELLOGLOW They have – ” 15 Beauty Products To Stop Buying & Start Making”

They have everything from making your own Coconut oil conditioning spray, hand sanitizer, Body Scrub, Body Wash, Hand Soap, Shaving Cream, Toothpaste & Deodorant, Lip Balm, Moisturizer , Face Wash, Perfume, Sea Spray, Bath Salts and Acne Products .

Wow it should save you a fortune, plus the benefit of know just what is inside your products.

All natural and without harmful chemicals.


While looking for videos to explain how to mix up these new products I found


She is great, and very clear about why these products work for us.

There is a very simple to follow video by ELA GALE on how to make a conditioner that can also be used as a body moisturiser. What I love about this idea is that also it has a long shelf .

ELA  has some really great D.I.Y recipes on her YouTube channel. Including homemade deodorant.


For a really simple conditioner after you have shampooed is to use an apple cider vinegar mixture, 1 part apple cider vinegar to 3 parts water, leave this on your hair for a couple of minutes, as you would with a normal conditioner and rinse out. I found this one while looking on the internet, apple cider vinegar seem to be used in so many things. 

This one I have tried, and I was really surprised how well it works. It is so cost effective too.

At first I thought it would be enough to just use a spray bottle , but for  my daughter and myself,  our hair was too long to penetrate with the spray alone .

So I ended up just pouring it on,( a little tip)  it is cold! which is a bit of a shock in a warm shower !

I read yesterday about just putting the vinegar into a cup and when in the shower adding the warm water , then rinsing the hair with this. Much better than getting a cold head! I don’t know why I didn’t think about that.

It is not thick like a normal conditioner, it  is the same consistency as water. But it does make your hair soft.

Because the cost is low,  you can be generous with its use. Unlike the cost of store bought conditioner.

You can of course add some of your favourite essential oils to this mixture.

I have to admit I was worried that I would smell like fish and chips afterwards, but I really couldn’t smell the vinegar after it was rinsed. There seems to be debates on types of the cider vinegar , a lot of people saying the organic raw vinegar is better. 

If you fancy making your own Apple Cider Vinegar at home I came across a site called, at least you would know that it is pure.




Here is a really great video by GREEN BEAUTY who really have gone into the science behind using Apple Cider Vinegar and all the benefits. I never realised how many benefits there was to this simple product.


We have all had these at some point, maybe you need a fix before a hairdressing appointment? What can we use to help our hair?

Natural ingredients such as Egg Yolk( Food .ndtv)- The protein in egg yolk strengthens the hair .It acts as a moisturizer and conditioner.

Honey– I have added this to other ingredients in conditioner recipes and also shampoos. I think any other way would feel really sticky and yuk on your hair.

Chamomile – Soaking two t-bags until cool. Then rinsing the hair. ( not sure if this would lighten your hair? as it has been recommended to use as a lightener, maybe it is the amount of time you would leave it on.

Coconut oil– as we mentioned before this a great ingredient, I often rub a little on the ends of my hair. The article suggests rubbing it in and leaving a couple of hours before washing out.

Aloe Vera– as mentioned below.

Ripe Papaya-The suggestion is to mix with yogurt and leave on around 30 mins then wash off.

Beer – This reminds me of old recipes I have read about. On the above link they suggest washing your hair with flat beer, then washing off, I could imagine the smell otherwise!


Aloe Vera gel is also a simple approach to conditioning your hair.

This can even be done by squeezing the gel from the plant leaves ( from what I have read some bottled Aloe Vera can have preservatives mixed with it).  Then rinse after leaving  on the hair for a few minutes


This link is to WIKIHOW which give some recipes to make your own hair serums.

These homemade hair serums by BEAUTYMUNSTA for different hair problems such as split hairs, frizzy hair, hair growth and damaged hair.


(info from link) two links above one on Organic Label for all their other products.

NOURISH HEALTHY HAIR and DRY SCALP with Hair Help Oil – FINEST 14 oils rich in omega-3 fatty acids, that are very compatible with the skin, skilfully combined to IMPROVE hair flexibility and shine.


I understand that you can also mix a little Aloe Vera gel with distilled water into a spray bottle and use this as a leave in moisturiser. They do suggest using a test area, as in all things to make sure you are not allergic.

This Aloe Vera Gel  on the affiliated link is Organic and not from a powder .



If you use a mix of coconut milk and water as a leave in conditioner, you need to leave it in the fridge in between times or it will spoil. Use equal measures of each.

I found the coconut milk was too heavy for my hair. It felt greasy afterwards, even though I rinsed it very well.Though my hair is not dry, best to see what works best for you.

When I was looking for the coconut milk there seemed to be a variety of fat contents, some had a lot of other ingredients on the container, so we went for one without all the additives. We found the one we used in a carton.

I went for a coconut milk with a higher concentration , maybe it would be lighter on the hair with a different concentration.

Since then, I have tried using a combination on my hair, just the heavier stuff , half way down to the ends, this has worked so much better. I guess a lot of people have a combination of hair types.


This video explains what a lot of Indian ladies have been using for years.

I have often wondered what my friends have used ,as their hair is so shiny and glossy. I have seen many people also saying that this helps to grow your hair as well.

Cosmopolitan Rice Water For Hair:3 Benefits and side effects for Hair Growth. – Like everything you try it wont work for everyone. It maybe something that you use occasionally as you can get an overload of protein , though it does contain some nutrients-amino acids, inositol some vitamins B & E , minerals too, plus antioxidants.

I know that Almond oil is also popular . This one is by SKY ORGANICS 

This Video is by SUSHMITA she has a huge following for her video . This one we really want to try! We will let you know how we get on.

I was actually looking for a different hair product on curly hair, and came across this video ( over 3 million views )by Audrey Victoria – on making a rice water that has been used for generations, fascinating, the condition of her hair after using this product was great and something we could all make. Audrey says that this allows her to grow her hair longer, the recipe comes from women who have the longest hair and use this to keep the condition. It isn’t just the rice water as above but has added citrus peel, cooked and fermented.




( info from link)

  • BENEFITS | SOLUTIONS FOR HAIR: This cold pressed Argan oil hair treatment is the perfect hydrating leave-in mask to enhance hair quality. It will replenish lost moisture and de-frizz to leave hair feeling softer, healthier and more manageable. It is a natural remedy for dandruff, dry scalp and will treat damaged or brittle hair. Use before bed time to add a silky, glossy sheen.

Or use Argan oil , just add a small amount of oil on your hair. From what I have read it takes only a few drops. Just use some protective cover for your bedding to avoid greasy marks.

Argan oil can be used on the skin too, as it is a natural anti-oxidant moisturiser.

ALLERGIES – to be aware of

I suppose I never thought of it ,but Argan oil  does come from a nut, so beware if you have allergies. Of course the same goes with Almonds.

FOREST AND SHORE make a natural Organic HALLELUJAH HAIR OIL Info from link – you are only using 2-5 drops each time so that is going to last ages.


Also you can use Almond oil in the same way.

Take a look at this page on Amazon who sell organic Almond and Argan Oil, by NATURA PUR

I wanted to find some companies that had a better policy for making conditioner without the nasty stuff.


Amazon-link here

For their Organic Cranberry Conditioner 

They offer a huge range of Organic hair and makeup products, everything is listed once you click into a product.

( information from their website. )



They have a list of ingredients on their website, I believe the way they want people to order is in monthly subscriptions.

Based in the U.S.A but they will post. Or if you are USA based no problem.



Product is preserved with Sodium Benzoate. There is a huge list of ingredients, many being different oils, please check on the link.( Info on link for Sodium Benzoate by Wikipedia.)

This Company looks interesting, they list all the ingredients on their website, so you can see for yourself if  you are allergic to anything.


The JASON brand seems to be part of the company group as well ( AVALON)  JASON was a brand that I have often used in the past.  The prices seem reasonable for an organic products too. I have not tried these as yet.

FAITH IN NATURE -this link is to their website to look into their ingredients.

Amazon link to their products here. 

This is a range of products that say they are 99% Natural Origin.There are a couple of ingredients with a low health risk on the EWG site 

They do not have Parabens or SLS.

I have used some of their products before , as they were on sale in our local health food shop.

I am not sure what the 1% is but they are priced competitively and available in a number of stores. At least they are open to giving a list of what each product contains. Their website is also very informative.


link here

This company is offering chemical free products, including ones suitable for pregnancy and children.

  • No colours, perfume, preservatives or sulphates (SLS, SLES, ALS)- taken from the link here.
  • also offering shower gels too. Suitable for the whole family No Parabens, Petroleum, Synthetic Fragrance, Dimethazone & Cetrimonium Chloride

They produce a number of products, from shampoos, conditioners and body washes.