I really don’t know how to even start to look into Cosmetics!

The subject is huge.

We all like to look our best.

It just feels like hard work, just finding products that we can be happy with.

I have  friends, who look beautiful naturally , I need a little help!

I am so fed up, looking at the huge lists, on the back of the tubes or packaging, and realising its not there to help my skin!

The amount of extra chemicals hidden in cosmetics is scary.

Looking into all these products, has made me so aware, of what my daughters are using on their skin, without knowing what they are doing.

I was in the supermarket today, and I was just trying to find, a couple of products, for our daughter to take away with her on a trip.

She is a teenager, so I am trying to give her safe products to use.

I found some organic products available.

My first thought was great!

So I read the list of ingredients, and found that even in the Organic product , perfume was listed ( non organic ).

Plus other ingredients, that put me off buying  anything for her today.

The Organic part was just listed with an * the rest of the ingredients, could be anything!

Just the perfume alone, could hide a multitude of chemicals that they don’t have to list.

One area I thought foolishly, would be a safer option was a baby’s product, so I picked up one in a rush one day.

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I had bought a baby Organic cleansing product; just to take off a little stubborn make-up.

Even the baby products contained a whole load of ingredients that I wouldn’t want on a baby, or anyone else for that matter!

It drives me crazy!

I ended up totally frustrated!

Why can’t it be simple, to buy products that are non toxic?

Going through the huge amount of cosmetics, was quite daunting , so excuse the listings, it was the easiest way for me to start the process.

I came across a highly watched video by TATI who is trying to go green with her makeup, this video is a really good insight into trying products for the first time, I really learnt a lot from her video.





A website called ANNMARIE has an article with the top 10 Toxic Chemicals in make-up, well worth the read.

She also offers a well informed list of related articles, that you can read further.

She also lists some food products, where they also add chemicals that you would rather not be eating!


I came across this article on ALLURE , they explain their CLEAN BEST OF BEAUTY AWARDS and where this industry is going.

They suggest that by 2024 the CLEAN BEAUTY INDUSTRY will be worth $22 BILLION . Wow ! if that doesn’t make companies sit up and realise that women want more from the companies making these products. The only way they will listen, is to make the point with the way you spend your money.


GOODGUIDE has a search bar, which will show you on a rating system, the type of chemicals in a product and the dangers in each one.

They also cover cosmetics, personal products like shampoo, Babies and Household products.


Well ,I thought I had heard it all , but then a headline on a newspaper caught my eye, ASBESTOS in make-up !

WHAT! and apparently this not the first time.

The article that I had glanced at on line, wasn’t available in France, so I started to find more information.

From what I have found so far the Asbestos is linked in with the Talc in a product.

I have found a couple of articles one on CBS NEWS 

Another on BUSINESS INSIDER FRANCE ( not in french)

EWG one of my favourite sites has a long article on the Asbestos found in different makeup and brands. 

DRUG JUSTICE.COM Offer a list of 10 talc free make-up.

Words fail me at times, and I am not lost for words much!

THE TALKO  has a in depth video on what some cosmetics have in them.


this week I was hunting around as you do on the internet, I came across another brand of products including Makeup called HONEST BEAUTY MAKEUP by the founder Jessica Alba.

Yes another one that I hadn’t heard of!

Part of the Honest company is Makeup but they also product product in the Baby line, also cleaning products for the home.

I know that if you are living in the USA you have probably heard of this company. Being based in France, I guess  it takes a bit longer to see the name .

I have seen they are now selling on the website, though the prices are a lot more expensive. Also in NOBICE.FR  which is a chain store for cosmetics in France.

I found a video, not being sponsored by Honest.

Admittedly it is rather long, but ALLIE GLINES  is very “honest “about the Honest brand and how it works.




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These sticks or bottles look so unassuming, you only need a little, what is the harm?

But again they are filled with chemicals .

Our daughter is often asking to use these if she has black under her eyes ( she would be better off getting more sleep! teenagers! )

I need to find a better product, or if there is a way of making our own.

To give us peace of mind.

Of course  cucumbers have been known for helping the skin under the eyes.

This article on HEALTHLINE gives some of the science behind this.

Again as always check the label as a company can call something natural , even if it has just one product, for example olive oil in it.

I believe they call this “Green washing“. It makes your product seem much safer .

You can also be mislead by attractive packaging.


Many concealers contain Parabens  ,SLS, BHA (preservative) , Fragrance, BHT ( preservative), there can also be talc and lead products.There are many other chemicals used.

It is best to look for a NON-GMO product too.

For us the stand against animal cruelty is a important, Vegan too , though not everyone is concerned with that.

Somebody I was talking with, about this said” if you can not find a list of the ingredients on the product, then don’t buy it! You have no idea what is in it!” I totally agree with this.

I was looking at a safer nail varnish today, the product said” 85% natural”, what does that mean? and no ingredients listed at all!

Here is a list of some of the companies out there, that seem to have a good ethics and practices.

If you are in the USA there is a company called VAPOUR that produce their own organic makeup there is a list on their Lab notes ( took me a while to realise this was where the list of ingredients that are not allowed in their products).

I did notice they still use Carmine for the red colouring, which is another name for Cochineal an insect which is crushed for their colour.

So this colourant may cause a problem if you are vegan.

Still digging for companies out there, that hopefully have done some of the hard work looking into products.

I have found a site called My Pure which have looked into ingredients in the different ranges that they sell.

They are based in the UK .

It is a very comprehensive site, which gives the list of ingredients, also the customer reviews on the products.


(Info from link) – They have a lot information on their link, also many products where you can see the ingredients.

Mineral Foundation – Free of preservatives, talc, oil, waxes, fragrances, and most of bismuth oxychloride (causes systic acne) and other chemicals that can irritate skin and cause breakouts. Our all natural formula contains Zinc oxide. Ingredients list-Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Mica, Iron Oxides, Ultramarine blue.


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A non- profit organisation, to help you look into what is safe.

oOlution – A french based company, committed to products without palm oil, using Organic ingredients.

They produce SKINCARE , and ship worldwide.

A link to their site is above.

( info from their site)

oOlution skincare are distinguished by their unique composition and tailor-made efficiency. The multitude of organic plants in each of our facial skincare which are made with 100% of natural origin ingredients, allow each skin to draw the elements that it needs. Discover our face skincare for normal to combination skin, oily skin, dry skin or mature skin, as well as our eye contour to fight dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.

ANNMARIE GIANNI SKINCARE  an Organic skincare range . They use Organic and wild-crafted ingredients. Using Herbs and plants. They have a large skincare range and essential oils. 



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There is another interesting article, with a list to LIPSTICKS and the harmful ingredients found in them.

THE READER’S DIGEST . I had been listening to a broadcast on the internet.

I had never realised that Lipstick could contain LEAD , I was actually very shocked.

I had often wore a bright red lipstick which I loved , now to find the amounts of lead and the possibility that the red colour could also come from a beetle ( I am a vegetarian ) Yuk!

I have read the amount of lead could increase, depending on the colour and the brand.

Regardless how much you have paid for it!

Also lead is used to make a lipstick stay longer on the lips. So goodbye to those for me!


Lipsticks and Lip-gloss or salve can also contain other metals such as LEAD, CADMIUM , CHROMIUM, ALUMINIUM and MANGANESE . Also ARSENIC,  ZINC and MERCURY. Then MICA for a sparkle and IRON OXIDE for red and brown colours. Also synthetic flavourings, Fragrance. the list goes on! Where do you find out what is in your lipstick? as the container is so small.

This very well written article from FUTURE KING AND QUEEN.COM give the really interesting history, of when lipstick was first used, how they made it.

They bring the story up to date, explaining what is in our lipsticks now, and what to avoid.


You still need to look at the list of ingredients, to see what balance that you are happy with.


  • Free from carmine and petrochemicals

does contain  Mica, Iron Oxides


Burt’s Bees Lipsticks are 100 Percent natural and are formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and SLS. full list on link -does contain  lanolin( article by DERMSTORE on is Lanolin safe )

They have a number of positive reviews on the Amazon site.


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This is a link to WELLNESS MAMA which has a base recipe for a lipstick , with ideas for adding colour.

This site also has a recipe for a LIP BALM  if you are not keen on colours.


( info from link)


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What is in Nail varnishes and Polishes?

THOUGHT CO .COM Have a fact filled article on HOW NAIL POLISH WORKS with links to the chemicals inside and a little of the history of these products.

This is an article written by the INDEPENDENT that says” There’s the “toxic trio” – formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and toluene, while other chemicals in the mix include triphenyl phosphate (TPHP), formaldehyde resin and camphor.” READ the rest of the article on the link.

They give a list of the top 12 NON TOXIC and VEGAN NAIL POLISHES . Its a great read!


Free from DBP, Formaldehyde, Parabens and Gluten. Vegan Friendly and Halal Certified.


NAILBERRY  Free from formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, DPB and formaldehyde resin chemicals.

Other colours available.


Our fingernail polish is free of toxics, TPHP, TOLUENE, FORMALDEHYDE or DBP. Our polish is suitable for EVERYONE including pregnant women, children of every age and allergy sufferers. Don’t take a chance with your nails.

I had not heard of this company before. Made in USA , some lovely colours available.


George explains ,just what each ingredient does in modern nail varnishes, then goes on to make his own Homemade version, based on an old list of ingredient that were used in the past. Great video.


What chemicals are in these products?

There is an informative article on SAFE COSMETICS.ORG

HOMEMADE RECIPES from STYLECRAZE for 6 DIY Ideas for nail polish remover.


Karma organic lavender nail polish remover is free from toxic, acetone and alcohol, things which dries out your skin and damages the nails.


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This well written article about what can be found in your perfume or aftershaves by LEAFtv  explains that their can be over 4,000 chemicals in perfume.

Of course the word perfume or fragrance can also be hiding in many of your other personal products.

My mum has always worn perfume,she has always been a glamorous mum.

Women like to feel they are adding a little luxury to their daily wear.

I personally have a problem with strong scents, they can often  cause me a headache.

It makes me wonder now, if it was the chemicals causing me a problem, not the scent itself.

I hate being stuck in a car, or a small confined space.

Like an elevator and be surrounded with a strong scent, be it perfume or an aftershave that is chemically based.

NON TOXIC REVOLUTION also has another discussion on what can be found.


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This website gives a fascinating look into how you can make your own perfume.

I remember as a child, collecting all the old petals from roses and flowers and mashing them up for perfume. Of course they all went brown and smelt awful!

WIKIHOW give a detailed instruction, on making your own perfume too.

This link on Amazon gives some beautiful vintage looking perfume bottles, it would make a great gift too.

While looking for a list of Toxic free Perfume.

I came across a list of 16 NON TOXIC PERFUMES as listed by YELLOW.CO which has some very descriptive explanations on how the scent is made up.

TREEHUGGER.COM have another list of 13 toxic free perfumes.

I have found, while looking up some of these brands there are some in the USA .

I also found an article on 10 best Organic and Natural Perfumes on an article in the INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER 

When I was looking into all these perfume ingredients .


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I kept coming across VEGAN PERFUME , that made me pause , and wonder what animal ingredients could they possibly use in a perfume?

I have to say after reading one of these articles on the UNICORN GOODS website , YUK.  Is a mild expression, for some of the ingredients used.

Never again will I look at some of these Perfumes, being advertised on the TV at Christmas, without thinking about them in a totally different way!

VIRGIN MEDIA TELEVISION has another article .



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