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Deodorants ( Stop the odor associated with sweating, but don’t stop you sweating) or anti- perspirants ( block your sweat glands and stop some of your sweating )INSIDER– Ask that question .

Which ever one you choose, they are one of the first things you apply after your shower, how many of us actually think about what we are applying?

I guess this is one product that we use everyday, whether you are female or male.

The first time I became aware of ingredients in these was after hearing about the negative effects of Aluminum( Healthline) , then I started to look more closely into what I was buying.

I am still not sure whether they have agreed on the effects of this, it seems to be different each article that you read. For myself, it seems easier not to use it, and not be worried either way.

These can contain a whole host of chemicals, Aluminium ( the risks on using this still seem to be mixed) Parabens, Fragrances – and all the chemicals that they contain!

DEA, TEA, Propylene  Glycol and others.

There is a really comprehensive discussion  on HEALTHLINE.COM .

They explain why our armpits smell, and what we can make ourselves, to solve the problem without clogging up our pores.

We are lulled into the advertising for all these products on TV. They all sound so natural and clean, until you read the list of ingredients on the back of the bottle.


These we have been using now for a long while. It was probably one of the first things we changed over to a natural product. We have always used a crystal deodorant. like these below.



We have often purchased this brand , I cannot believe how long this deodorant lasts for.

A little tip, make sure you don’t leave it in a puddle of water once you have rinsed it,  because it will dissolve. I have had the whole stick fall out of the container and shatter on the floor!

I have to admit the first time we tried one out it was a bit strange, just wetting the rock and rubbing it under a damp armpit.

We never thought it would work . But I guess we have been using this method now for a couple of years.

My husband was a bit sceptical , how can I call it more manly smells!!!!! But he is hooked now.

If you feel like you would like to try something a bit different, to the normal deodorants or crystal, here are another couple of products that sound interesting, though we have not tried them.

Do read the list of ingredients too in case you have any allergies, I am always cautious as one of my daughters is allergic to different types of nuts, and one of these contains Almond oil.

Photo by Tim Savage on


by Langdale and Harding , this one is scented with a lemon oil.

This is like a cream which you apply underarm.

Like all things its not for everyone but sounds interesting, it comes in a pack of two, so one can be kept in your sports bag or a work.

PROCOAL – another cream type, called a deodorant balm  , but made with Bicarbonate of soda and activated charcoal, this one has got Almond oil in it. Just natural ingredients, a list can be seen on this link.


This product kept popping up on my Facebook pages.

That  made me curious, to see what information they were giving.

I love the thought, that even the packaging ,has been thought about, it is made from sugar cane. Its vegan too, list of ingredients on the link.

It looks like this produced in the Netherlands, and you can buy direct from them.

I came across another Natural Deodorant that has been advertising quite heavily on social media.

WE ARE WILD.COM– They seem to work it a little differently. You get a choice in which container you would like, then they deliver this to your door, offering a refill ordering system.

They have several different fragrances, with some specials that are on limited order, for example Toffee Apple for Halloween . They only use essential oils for scent. Even their refills are from bamboo pulp. More information on the link.

There is a selection of some here on the Amazon link

Today another natural deodorant popped up on my social feed. It is made from essential oils from a company based in Ireland ,called Modern Botany . They also produce body oils and some really beautiful shaped diffusers for their essential oils. 100% natural products. Unusually they also sell seed mixture in test tubes to plant.

VOGUE – Have the Best Natural Deodorants To Feel fresh all day Long. They explain what is like to be a newbie in natural deodorants and the difference with an anti-perspirant.


This is another video by ELA GALE she has a really great selection of homemade videos on YouTube, I would highly recommend having a look. She gives some great money saving tips too.

There are some really great DIY deodorants recipes on SIMPLE GREENSMOOTHIES.COM

Jen Hansard is the author of this website. She is a runner as well so she really puts them to the test.

PENN MEDICINE.ORG have a different view point on the chemicals in deodorant.

They feel the risks are not as great.

GREEN PEOPLE.CO.UK have reasons as to why they think that there could be dangers to inhaling spray deodorants.

A Company offering safer products

While on the hunt as usual I came across a site called CLEURE.COM  they have a great story, the lady DR STAY was originally a dentist with a family in the medical profession. They now offer safer products from toothpaste to skin and body care. You can go direct or also purchase them on Amazon.Com

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