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Having our eyes look great is nothing new. Cleopatra is testimony to that. But what exactly are we putting near to our precious eyes and where does it come from? Here, I go through what I found some of which shocked me!

Having our eyes look great is nothing new. Cleopatra is testimony to that. But what exactly are we putting near to our precious eyes and where does it come from? Here, I go through what I found some of which shocked me!


This covers a huge amount of products. Its amazing what we use to enhance our eyes.

If you think what Cleopatra used to enhance her eyes with, she used a ground stone called lapis lazuli for her blue eye makeup and of course plenty of Khol. They believe this makeup actually protected her eyes from infections. ( the culture

From Eye foundations Base Makeup, Eyebrow enhancement, Eye shadows, Eyeliners, Mascaras and False Eyelashes.

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What is in eye shadows, mascara and eye-liners?


This is a very interesting article on FOX NEWS which was written in 2016 but seems to be still relevant in the chemicals allowed in eye make-up .


The chemicals are very similar to normal foundations.

For examples, Lead, phthalates,  petroleum-based compounds, BHT and BHA. and fragrance.


This website has a very clear list of what is found, not only in Eye makeup, but also in body products, Sun creams and shaving products.

Each list allows you to click on a chemical, to learn more about its use, and any dangers involved in using it. It is worth checking out your favourite brand.


Has a load of different recipes for making your own eye shadows, with different advice for Matt or Shimmery eye shadow.

They also explain what each ingredient does, to help the eye shadow last longer.

I have seen quite a few recipes for eye makeup on the internet, from simple clay with the added ingredients, even cocoa powder.


EYE SHADOWS  – there are a number of different ones available – the company says on their link that-

  • lavera stands for 100% certified natural cosmetics – with high-quality organic plant ingredients from our own production.
  • Vegan, Organic, NATRUE – 100% silicone free, paraffin free, mineral oil free – lavera cosmetics developed, manufactured and produced in Germany

The link does give the ingredients list. Certain chemicals that I was unsure of are below.

Benzyl Alcohol

 Benzyl Salicylate* , 


This company are based in France , and are reasonably priced, though we have not used them as yet. One of local Organic shops sell their products.

I have started to look into some of their products.

There is perfume in some of the foundations ( I don’t know what is in that)

They also can use CARMINE for the reds in lipstick, which not great if you are vegetarian .

Best advice is to take a closer look at each product that you are interested in.

They make a PALETTE of 6 EYE SHADOWS info from link , the list of ingredients is also listed.



This Brand of Organic makeup, is one I first came across in our local Bio shop in France. The company is  based in Germany.

I thought I would have a try of some of their Organic foundation and some eye colours.

Firstly their prices are not expensive when you look at what you pay for other eye shadow palettes out there.


The Eyes shadows come in a palette of four colours. The ones that I have tried are a brown palette and another has smoky grey/blues .

They are really easy to blend and the colour pigments do show up on your skin really well. The softer of the palettes are definitely the Brown ones. The blue/grey are a much more dramatic colour mix.They have this pink palette too which looks good for day . They would be great for evening wear.


I also tried one of their eye liners, a really lovely violet.

They are soft to use and don’t have that really annoying thing, of feeling like you are about to get a splinter in your eye! They have other colours, and certainly I will try out some of those as well.

Mascara- I have tried this one too, the Black colour.

It works well, as well as other brands in the market place, I haven’t ended up with Panda eyes as yet! It seems to cover the lashes and give some volume too. I have to admit I need a bit of help on the lashes front.

The other product that I have tried as well is their liquid foundation.

It goes on well, but I have to say the coverage it gives is not as good as other brands I have tried. It is easy to wear and doesn’t streak, but it could do with more Oomph .

I know that they do sell a separate cover makeup, perhaps you are suppose to add that first. Most of the foundations that I have bought the last couple of years seem to include that in the normal foundation.


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If you are in the States, I have seen some really good reviews ,for a couple of companies that I hadn’t heard of in France.

The ethics on these two are great .

The cost of their products is on par with some of the more expensive cosmetics companies, but without the chemicals.

One is BEAUTY COUNTER and the other is FITGLOW 

The two links on their names link to the about us pages , so that you can look into the their ethics.

There is a link to the products of BEAUTY COUNTER here on

If you are interested in FITGLOW   I would suggest you go directly to their site on the link above.

THE NATURAL BEAUTY BLOG  has got a list of the best 10 natural and organic eye shadows of 2019 


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As I was starting to look into what mascara contains, I came across EYELASH ENHANCERS.

At first it looked quite good, hey! who doesn’t want long thick lashes?

Women have spent a fortune on trying to get that look.

My mum used to use false eyelashes when we were young.

I can still remember her peeling off the glue!

They are still very popular now.

Back to the EYELASH ENHANCERS which seem like a serum.

After chasing down one brand, that looked OK on a sales website.

I came across another site, which had some warnings about some serious side effects, giving five different product evaluations.

CONSUMER HEALTH DIGEST is the link to look into these products more deeply if you are considering using  them.


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Perhaps not everyone wants them quite as pronounced as these, but False eyelashes are big business.

I always remember the look that Twiggy had, very pronounced and spiky .

What are they made from? and what do you use to stick them on? How long do they last?

These are questions that I didn’t know the answers to.

I thought they were all made of the same synthetic material. I wasn’t even sure on the cost of them. As I mentioned before my only real experience was my mum using them and spending ages picking off the glue so she could reuse them.

Since then I have discovered that yes there are some made from a synthetic material, others from Animal hair- MINK OR HORSE HAIR and some which are made from  human hair. Mink Is usually the most expensive to purchase , due the the more natural look.

Each have their own issues. The synthetic are not as natural looking and can often last only one wear. From what I understand the Mink ones are the most expensive but can have an animal cruelty issue. This article by ALLEYELASHES.COM explains the living conditions of these poor animals , which can ultimately be killed just to make some eyelashes.  PETA.ORG.CO.UK have more information on this also other animal products that you probably didn’t realise were being used.

The Horse hair comes from their tails so at least they are not killed for them. But still , Yuk.

I have found a company called Social eyes That have looked into the mink industry and decided to make their own Vegan cruelty- free Minx 2 eye lashes. Great idea, from the look on their site they look pretty good too.

Review this .com have a good article on how to remove the eyelash glue, without removing your skin too! also what is actually in that glue, which I have to say, I wasn’t sold on the idea, when I saw ingredients such as Cyanide and Acrylate .

Good advice to remove all this chemical before sleeping as it can result in eye infections if it gets into your eyes. 

Chemical free company for Eyelash glues. is one company that I have found which are made from natural products, cruelty free , they have a list of their ingredients on the list and include such products as cater oil, Chamomile extract and Shea Nut butter.

They also offer eyelashes and eyeliners. They are based in Canada , but ship world wide.

Kasina is another company I have found on Amazon that is made in Korea which is offering a Lash Adhesive .( Info from link below.) This seems to be in a dark colour which has some good reviews.

  • (2 in 1) Eyelash Adhesive & Double Eyelid Glue in DARK(Black)
  • 0% Formaldehyde. Non Toxic. Non Odor. No irritation
  • Cruelty Free, Animal Friendly, Eco Friendly
  • Skin safe products .com have a review on this product where you can look into it more deeply .


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Well the amount of chemicals, they manage to fit into that little bottle of mascara is unbelievable!

Everything from Parabens, Synthetic dyes, Aluminum Powder, Coal Tar Dyes, Formaldehyde and the list continues!

There is a link here to a more comprehensive list by CLEAN BOX BEAUTY 

I  really  seem to be struggling on this one.

Some of these brands say they are Vegan and Paraben free, then you look deeper

( and some of them really make it hard to find the list of ingredients)

I think this is going to be an ongoing search.

I don’t know about you but MASCARA is one of the things I use every day.

I have found an Organic Mascara by ODYLIQUE which thankfully give the list of ingredients-( on their link)

They also produce many more organic products for the hair too.

Some info from the link to the background of this company.

Odylique’s founder and product formulator Margaret began making skin care from natural ingredients over 30 years ago. ‘Conventional’ cosmetics didn’t suit her allergy-prone skin and she was desperate to find a remedy for her family’s skin problems.

DIZAO have a 95% mascara available  they very kindly replied back to an email confirming it has a chemical free fragrance.

Ingredients on the link.

It does also contain SHELLAC which comes from a bug , explanation on the link to WIKIPEDIA 


This video by ELA GALE gives a homemade recipe for Mascara


This seems a simple enough recipe too.


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ORGANIC BLACK CASTOR OIL , cold pressed and sold by ETRONG for Eyebrows , Eyelashes and Skin, Hair Growth and Face. 100% OIL. ( all info from link)

This comes with applicators for eyebrows and eyelashes.

  • GROW LUSH LONG EYELASHES AND BOLD EYEBROWS – The eyelash and eyebrow kits allow simple application to eye lashes and brow lines to promote eyelash and eyebrow growth. 


This was really digging deep, for an eyebrow pencil without a ton of the nasty stuff, so far I have found these by


100% silicone free, paraffin free, mineral oil free – Lavera cosmetics developed, manufactured and produced in Germany.

This info is from the link, where you can also see a list of the ingredients.

EYEBROW STYING GEL BY LAVERA – this also made to the same standard as the above, again list of ingredients on link.

There is a DIY method for tinting your eyebrows on HEALTH EXTREMIST ,

Lori uses coffee, and mentions the results can last one to two weeks.

It is a really clear article to understand on the link. Lori has many other ideas too.

This article by SELF.COM gives clear reasons why using a chemical dye is not such a great idea.


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Are also offering a Henna colourant for eyebrows in varies colours.

I didn’t know you could use Henna, this was a new product to me.

It comes in a pen format and is semi permanent.

I haven’t dug into all the ingredients as yet on this company.

They say all are natural and they do list the ingredients.

They are also offering a lip colour, which is longer lasting and can be removed with make-up remover. Many colours available not  just black!

Not tried, but the link to their website has more information.


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Our daughter has really gotten into this.

Its almost a throw back to the time of the glamorous  film stars, such Bardot and Audrey Hepburn.


This is a link to FOX NEWS WEBSITE who give the 10 toxic chemicals to avoid in eye makeup.

EWG there is a list of eyeliners with the safety score here for you to have look.

ELA GALE on the video above, does give ideas for making your own.


This is a French company making Organic Makeup  called AVRIL BEAUTE  

Ingredients : on link

It was good to see a list of ingredients, there are so many companies not showing what is in their products.


This has a lot more ingredients – including sodium hydroxide

I think it is better that you look deeper into the ingredients as they are too long to post here.

You can find them on this link. Most are readable ingredients.


I love the look of this Australian owned company , the list of chemicals not allowed in their make up is huge!

I have put a link on the name for you to see the wide range of natural products in their cosmetics.

This link here is the Inika range in Amazon too.


(info from Link) which also gives a full description of the ingredients, Hooray!

  • Made out of plant oils and extracts from organic cultivation
  • Meets strict criteria for controlled natural cosmetics
  • Free from paraffin oils or any other raw materials from petroleum chemistry
  • Free from synthetic colours, fragrances and preservatives
  • Ophthalmologist tested