FOUNDATIONS , Liquid and Mineral

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What is in this product? How can you find one which is really good for your skin?

Without all the chemicals in it?

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I thought I would start at the base, and work up through the layers of the makeup we apply.

Foundation of course, can be made by different companies, therefore the combination can be made up of different ingredients .

Which is the same with everything we purchase.

I am just going to look generally, into what these can contain.

There is also list of some of the chemicals, on the linked blog  at the bottom of this page.


Foundation can have an Emollient base ( natural such as beeswax or lanolin or a Petrolatum, like petroleum jelly) or oil ( probably mineral oil) also water.

Then a pigment ( Iron Oxide) is used to colour the foundation.

It can contain a filler to make the complexion smooth, such as a talc ( a soft mineral made from such things as Silicon or Magnesium) .

They can also have sunscreen in it, which brings its own chemical mixture.

Also fragrances, and as we have discovered before, these can hide a huge amount of chemicals that don’t have to be listed.

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They can also contain Parabens, Sodium Lauryl  Sulfate , BHA, Triclosan and Triclocarban, Petroleum products, derivatives of Coal Tar, Titanium Dioxide, and many more.

( info on link from EWG)

The other item, that I have kept seeing, on tons of foundation today, both mineral and cream is Titanium Dioxide.

( This information gained on the above link for EWG .)

The main concern is if the product is a powder base, as it is not great to breath it in.

This can cause problems with your lungs and then the chemical is internal and external.

So maybe if you want the product, go for it in cream format.

To avoid inhaling the powder. This was recommended on the EWG site.


As to ingredients, there doesn’t seem to be much difference from what I can find.


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While I was searching YouTube for a video on D.I.Y foundations, I came across this old footage, of when the beautician used to mix up the colours for their clients.

And here we are again, trying to cut out the chemicals, and possibly make our own formulas .

Not sure what those powders used in her foundation were!

I thought I would post it for a bit of fun!

Mineral foundation

Can also contain Silicone’s to make it smooth, Kaolin ( is a form of white clay) Phenoxyethanol used as a preservative,this can be irritating on the skin.

Titanium Dioxide is commonly used as a pigment.( info as mentioned above) other places have mentioned as sunscreen.

There is a very good article on WEB MD on the history of us using ground up minerals in our make-up .

I have seen report, that said that Mineral Make-up is a safer option.

You do have to be wary, about some minerals having heavy metals in them , for example LEAD and some have TITANIUM DIOXIDE which if used is better if not inhaled.

As they are often without the preservatives, required in a liquid form, and can be without fragrances too.

It is like all things , read the label as I have found not all are equal!

There is a huge difference in what a company will use, to make their products.

There is also a difference in an Organic mineral make-up, to one that has had, to use chemicals, to refine the minerals to be used on the skin.

Often the word” natural“is over used, and not really what you would expect for the term.Unfortunately natural ,doesn’t always mean” natural”!


Since I have been looking into these Homemade D.I.Y products, I have been seeing more articles on the preservation of these .

How you can have a mould or bacteria growing in your homemade natural products, which of course nobody wants! The whole reason to make your own, is to get rid of the nasty stuff!

Many recipes that I have come across, suggest an essential oil to preserve the product. I have recently read a really well informed article concerning this problem. I do wonder now having read more that this really doesn’t have enough properties to preserve your products enough.

LUISA FANZANI gives a clear list of preservative that can be used to prolong the life of your products and what does work for the different formulas.

This lady’s website has an amazing amount of information, form someone who has worked in the industry and now aids people with their own cosmetic lines. As with everything that you buy or make yourself, it is important that you are well informed and can make a decision based on the facts and what you personally are happy with.


The lady makes it look so simple. All food grade ingredients.


So far I have tried blending some arrowroot powder and the cocoa powder with a little cinnamon as suggested on on of the video, but I think it is going to take more blending to get the right colour. I have found this doesn’t really stick to my skin well enough, maybe I haven’t got the right mix as yet.

I saw on WELLNESS MAMA  that the foundation has more sticking power if you use a Zinc Oxide .

Though since reading this blog , I have seen warnings on the EWG site about inhaling ZINC OXIDE as it can be very damaging. Since this I have purchased some Zinc Oxide non- nano, I have been very wary while mixing this into a lotion bar I made, not to inhale the powder.

It is better to use it in a liquid foundation formula.

I wanted to list some companies who are selling safer Foundations.


These few are USA based.

NUDISKIN , USA  make up available without Titanium Dioxide.

OMIANA Based in the USA offering Titanium Dioxide and Mica free make up.

Unfortunately they do not ship everywhere as yet.

They explain what some of the ingredients can effect.

100 Percent  Pure a company based in the USA .

There is a company I have come across, that seem to have a good ethic towards skincare, and the message that they are projecting.

It was founded by GABRIEL DE SANTENO and they have now grown to the following companies GABRIEL, ZUZU LUXE and CLEAN KIDS .

I have have added a link to their about page, they are USA based.


This company is also based in the USA, link on the name. They have each product listed with ingredients .

CLEAR SKIN MINERALS Again based in the USA this company are using some Organic Ingredients, easy to see what is in each product.

Europe based 

When we lived in the UK, there is a company that I used to use, to find some of these more natural products.

They are called BEAUTY NATURALS , they are in based in England.

They were always really helpful on the phone, to any queries that I had.

They package up everything really nicely, and post it. They are really a on line shop for most of their products but they also produce a range called Martha Hill, which has natural ingredients, everything is listed very clearly on their website.

Unfortunately they do not post to Europe.

I hope their link helps you, even if it is just to hunt the ingredients ,on a product you are unsure of.


  • Free from synthetic preservatives
  • Plant-based surfactants & emulsifying agents that are 100% gentle to the skin
  • Free from silicone, paraffins & mineral oil

I couldn’t find a total list of ingredients on the above link so I have found a more detailed one on ECCO VERDE an on line shop.

It does include also include an Almond oil, so be careful with allergies.

It also contains Titanium Dioxide.


I have recently found this German made brand of cosmetics.

So far they look pretty good.

I have to admit, at first I thought the cost was going to be a lot more, the tube looked smaller than a foundation I used to buy.

Then looking at the actual liquid amount, they were the same size! The difference was the bottle, making it look much larger. I have found that when you are using the plastic tube for the foundation, I was finding bits of the writing on the tube, coming off on to my skin. At first I thought it was something in the liquid, just in case this happens to you as well.

It was actually cheaper! I have to admit that pleased me.

They are being sold in our local Organic shop, so I have started looking into the ingredients.

They are also sold on Amazon. as with everything , even Organic, its worth checking out each ingredient to see if is ok with you.

From what I have found so far, it seems they use essential oils to fragrance their products.

I have noticed that the cream foundation, does contain sweet almond oil, so just check if you have allergies.

One of my daughters is really allergic to nuts of all types.

I find it a rather dangerous, that these companies don’t make it totally clear, that they contain some nut type product in them.

You really have to dig deep in some cases to find a list of ingredients.

The mineral foundation does seem to have a – (MAY CONTAIN) CI 77891 (TITANIUM DIOXIDE), CI 77492 (IRON OXIDES), CI 77491 (IRON OXIDES), CI 77499 (IRON OXIDES)]

I don’t know if they are nano particles.

Also in some of their eye shadows.

The link on the brand name will take you to their site.

MY PURE has a review on some of their products .



I have seen some recommendations on this company from some ‘green’ sites.

It is on the more expensive side, plus again contains Titanium Dixoide , the ingredients on the link.

They also have a mineral BB cream available too

GAYA MINERAL MAKE-UP , they have a whole range of make up listed .( info on link) A Powder.

  • NATURE FRIENDLY MAKE UP FOUNDATION FULL COVERAGE – 100% Natural, Gentle Top Quality Pure Minerals. Contains No Harmful Chemicals, Preservatives, Fragrance, Parabens or Artificial Ingredients- contains Minerals, Such as Zinc Oxide & Iron Oxide, uses Titanium Dioxide to naturally protect your skin from the sun and Zinc Oxide to treat irritation 


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I guess I come into this age group now, though I would probably not wish it! But as we grow older our skin can change and become more delicate. I have heard that our skin can become drier and need a lot more moisture. I have always used a cream and cleanser and although I do use a foundation , I have to admit the amount I use is tiny.

I came across a website called women which go into the 6 Best Natural and Organic Foundations for Mature Skin.

The Martha Hill range above also has some lovely mature skin creams available. Also Jane Iredale, which I have mentioned before.

I used to do some make up parties some time ago. One of the things which I found made mature women look older, was that they though more foundation hid a multitude of sins! Actually it was often so much it accentuated the lines. Which had a the opposite effect of making them look younger!