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Working in an office is not always the healthiest place

Working in an office is not always the healthiest place.

A very close friend of ours, suggested this blog, ways of helping anyone working in your own space and communal offices.

One of the first things we do in our home office in the morning, is to turn on the internet and fire up the computers.

We have started to turn off the WiFi if we are not in the house.

Or at night to stop some of the exposure, to these waves for us and our dogs.


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There is ways of protecting your eyes when using a screen by ELITE DAILY 


Ways to avoid them ,whilst using a computer screen.

I have to say I am totally rubbish at getting these, for me it is prudent to work in small blocks of time as I have suffered from Migraines.

BLOG HUB SPOT  give A  60 second trick to stop headaches using computer screens at night.

Glare can also be an issue for eye strain.


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There is an extremely well written blog ,by a gentleman named

Christian on EMF ACADEMY he explains the detail on Radiation on computers and the history.

I have to add, that my husband said his head was buzzing, after being on the computer so much.

I have to admit ,that he placed some tin foil inside a hat and sat around in that!

Good job he works from home.

There have been a few articles that I have seen warning about some of the dangers that can be associated with using your computer.

This article on EM WATCH explains some of these areas and gives solutions.

IT STILL WORKS has some area also including eye strain, and solutions to help your working environment.

While looking into how you can use a shield to protect you and your family , I have first come across an American company called DEFENDERSHIELD , I have included a link, which may help if you are States based.


HEALTHY HOUSE has other protection equipment available , against WiFi too


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A simple way to give yourself a better air quality, is to use nature and use PLANTS in your environment.

Some are better than others.

This article on COUNTRY LIVING lists 10 Plants who preform well in this aspect.

THOMPSON AND MORGAN via Amazon do a selection of Air purifying plants.


THE EVENING STANDARD NEWSPAPER  Have a list of top Air filters for the home and office.

There is also a varied amount of these on Amazon too.


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SMALL BUSINESS .CHRON  discusses the toxic quality of Ink, that you maybe using  in the photocopier or printer.

I am not sure how you can avoid these, many printers have their own individual cartridges. May be just to aware of how you pick up the paper, especially just after it has printed. Not all Ink is the same .


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Although not a environmental risk. Stress can be very damaging to your health. I used to work in a sales environment.That was so stressful, with some of the calls you had to make, people can be quite rude!

Yes, that was very stressful, especially going toward the end of the week and month, when your targets were coming closer.

I am in awe of people, who can spend their whole lives in that environment.

I am not sure their stress levels are any lower than mine were!


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Sitting all day at a desk is not great for your health.

I had no idea that there was anything else available.Or on the sofa like my husband. People are using their computers in so many places around the home now, even sitting on your bed. It is good to have a variety of work spaces available if you are working from home, to allow your body to move around.

I started to work in a company that had desks, which could rise up and down to enable a person to move around. These desks here are different ways you can adjust your working positions.

UPLIFT DESK also make these for you. They offer a 7 year warranty too. Based in Texas USA.

ERGO DESKS are another company based in the UK.

That was great, it does make you more alert too.

That can help give you some sense of urgency , if you are making phone calls too.

There can be all sorts of trick to keep you moving, and allow the blood to circulate your body better.

My husband uses a small stepping machine to keep active as he is working.

The only thing I have against that, is the noise it makes! It can make you think that he is doing something else!


The new fun seat in his office is a huge big ball with a ring to stop him rolling all over the floor!

I tried it but my legs wouldn’t reach the floor! Though I guess just use less air.

He says it has already made a difference to his posture and back.

This like the one we recently purchased on Amazon called TRIDEER


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REPUBLIC LAB have the Top 15  ergonomic office chairs . A list to help you decide which is good for your back. They also have a video on this link explaining more.

This Amazon link can give you some more ideas of what is out there.

This is a link also to some lumber support ideas , as sitting at a desk can be a killer on your back.


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I don’t know which is worse for germs, the office , school or college.

Not only are people in work, leaving germs on Keypads and the telephones, but on any coffee and tea stuff left in the office.

In our little kitchen area, at our work place, was a host of stuff, lurking in cups and in the fridge. There was probably a cure for a disease in there. The sink was something else too.


well what can I say , they are not the greatest place for cleanliness. I have to admit using a tissue to open the doors of the loo.

One thing I totally hate, is the smell of an air freshener pumping out chemicals into the environment. Its hard not to breath in when you are in there!

Then came the winter period with coughs and colds too.

What can you do to minimise your contact with these?


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I saw a program on T.V. ages ago now, which analysed the bacteria and bugs left on keyboards ( and some other yuk stuff , after people had used the loo! say no more! )

I started to look for a cleaner without chemicals , so far ,I have found ECOMOIST 

Also a product made by PURE 

These can be used on screens and tablets. A whole list of uses are on the links.

Using a phone all day in a call centre . Goodness know when they were last cleaned! Nobody really gives them a thought.