This blog is a natural progression for me.

If you want to make the products healthier for your skin and body, then the next logical step, is to make what you put inside your body healthier too.

We became vegetarian by choice years ago.

I know that isn’t for everyone.

Even so, looking out for ways to incorporate a healthier way of eating is a must for us.

Through reading a load of websites, you start to realise just how many issues there are with food.

Also the problems involved with the plastic covering and containers which is on so many foods today.

This article in the GUARDIAN. USA gives a clear understanding of the issues on your health and that of your family, with the Toxic plastics and products used to cover our food.

If you are on a budget, which quite frankly most people are having to watch their budget, the vegetable which are at a lower price seem to be packaged in plastic bags or covered in a clingfilm.

How long they have been in that stuff, goodness knows. I know its easy just to pick up a bag of salad for instance but often the writing on the side of the package says it is ready to eat. But that has been sitting in that plastic, sealed in for how long? And then you are not asked to wash it? Yuk!

I find it difficult to find some of these salads hard to find, without being in a mixed bag. I guess the best answer if you have the time and some space is to grow your own.

green leafed plant
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We did give that a try one year ,with a purple sprouting broccoli.

I was so excited, I love the vegetable, we planted it outside, and we tended it everyday. Then came the white butterflies I didn’t realise the plant was so susceptible  to them. I kept picking off the eggs, trying not to spray them with anything.

We were due to go on holiday and had a friend looking after the house and dogs, plus watering the plants.

We bought in the pots to a conservatory side room . When we came back ,we found no plants left, and a ton of butterflies flying around the room!

I have to admit not trying to grow this again as yet.


Again, even with pesticides the differences allowed between different countries is huge.

abundance agriculture bananas batch
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I have found a fantastic article on EWG concerning Organic foods well worth a read. It clearly makes a case for eating Organic food, and gives clear research on what types of chemicals are allowed on both Organic and non-organic food.


This seems to be increasing in usage everywhere!

When you start looking into what they use on the fields, and which foods they call the dirty dozen, due to the amount of Pesticides being used on them.

I came across an article on the BBC the other day .

I suppose the story caught my attention in two ways, first was just how polluted these crops of bananas, which have been sprayed for two decades, and the effect it was having on the population of these Paradise Islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe .

Leaving these beautiful islands with a pollution problem.

We have met friends here in France who have been born on these Islands. It just shows how much product can be used on a fruit like a banana.

I had seen an article some time back , talking about the chemicals used. Since then we have been buying Organic Bananas, which I have to say, is not too much more in cost. What we have found though, is that the Organic ones,do not seem to go bad as quickly, and taste better too. We were throwing loads of bananas away from spoilage before.

THE GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER covered a story about Roundup being used on crops which are used to make popular cereals, often eaten by children.

EWG.ORG also have coverage of this story. They also have a video explaining Glyphosate which is the chemical in Roundup. They also give a clear chart of the cereals in question and their brand names.

GMO Food

I cant say that after first hearing about this, I have thought it sounded great.

I can understand why they have done this to a degree, but messing around with nature , I have always thought down the road what will be the consequences of this action.


MEDICAL NEWS TODAY go into the Pros and Cons of GMO .

After I was reading another blog this morning concerning some of the problems in labelling in the States and Canada, this was on the GMO information that is offered on your food labels. The fight to have this information for the public to see has been an ongoing struggle. The gentleman I was reading about was Rob Herring, who has made the film “The need to GROW” He was saying that in the States they are bringing out a label called B.E Bio-Engineered, which is going to be harder for people to understand as G.M.O is known everywhere.  ROB Herring says that over 90% of corn, soy,cotton,canola and sugar beets are now GMO in the States. I find that scary!

This the link for the preview of this film.



We live in the countryside here in France.

The difference between the farmers here is chalk and cheese. Some of them are more forward thinking and are either Organic or spray their fields with organic matter, namely poo!

Others we look at in disbelief where they cover the aftermath of  the harvested field in a poison to kill the weeds.

At first we were just looking at the colours of yellow, red and orange not understanding just what we were looking at.

It looked quite pretty, are they flowers????

But no, it was the poisons being used, then you see them just till the whole field over , mixing up the poison into the soil.

Then they  go and add a fertiliser and replant.

How they don’t believe that the poison isn’t still in that field, being absorbed into what ever they are planting. I just don’t understand.

Unfortunately it is what they have been taught to do. And they seem to stick to the same routine.

Hopefully things are changing, we have seen more Organic produce becoming more popular here in France since we arrived. There are more controls with the local producers too.


This seems to be a hot topic at the moment. I totally buy into this, but I have noticed that the media and certain soap manufacturers have cottoned on too!

It is something else that they can advertise. Though in the case of the soap brand, it is focused on the skin.

I  have read quite a few website which have videos explaining the benefits of a healthy gut lining. I am no expert, but I wanted to share some of the information that we have come across.

The BBC SCIENCE FOCUS has 15 tips to boast your gut Microbiome.

This is certainly something that is going to be more popular in our diets from now on. The effect of a healthy gut in all our lives in a must for less problems in our health.

One of the foods that is suppose to aid a healthy microbiome is fermented foods. I guess most of us eat yogurt at some point, but I am finding it harder to find find ones that contain the live cultures.

I came across this site by Emillie who write about how to ferment foods on her website FERMENTING FOR FOODIES .COM

She has some great ideas, which are clearly written and make me want to hit the kitchen.

I had tried Sauerkraut, but it was so long ago now. I must admit to not being keen on the one I tried, but the jar variety is often so different from your homemade.

I recently came across an article on the NEW SCIENTIST which are suggesting by eating tiny Nutrient particles , it could be better for you than health supplements.

They suggest that there are around 2 billion people in the world whose diet is not what it could be. It is a really interesting look into other ways that could help our health and well being. Instead of just popping a pill.


This website have a ton of videos on how to make a whole range of fermenting foods.

A great idea all in one place.

If you are like me, it is a lot easier to watch a video than try and do it on your own.

Kale seems to be a wonder food at the moment too, we see it being suggested as good for your gut health. Our daughter is not too keen on many vegetable, but she will eat a whole plate of Kale Chips.


green plant
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These are so easy to make, after washing the kale,( dry the leaves too or you will end up just steaming them)then the leaves, minus the thick stalks, can be torn up into bite sized pieces and placed spread out on a baking tray. Place in the oven at around 175 c ,can take 10-15 mins depending on your oven.

The trick with these is to keep an eye on them as they can catch and go too brown, I move them around to make sure all the leaf is cooked then just take them out and serve. We found some beautiful purple Kale in our local outdoor market too.


clear glass bottle filled with broccoli shake
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I have been listening to quite a few on line discussions on the health of your gut. One person that I have seen often is Kris Carr , she has a book on Amazon called Crazy Sexy Juice with more than a 100 different recipes for healthy smoothies. 

You can also find some of her recipes on KRIS CARR.COM 

FOOD REVOLUTION .ORG also have an anti stress smoothie recipe.

Which is a much nicer way of getting help than popping a pill.

I absolutely love this Organisation. They are so full of helpful advice and good links to a whole number of helpful tips on keeping healthy.


Again the FOOD REVOLUTION have come up with a shocking insight into what Natural Flavours actually mean.

Again I find it very shocking the differences allowed, depending in what country you live in.

The controls over what is acceptable is crazy.

Why is it allowed in some countries, to use these chemicals and list them as a natural flavouring?

I hate the fact that some countries are allowed to not even list the difference between an artificial one and some derived from a natural source.

VERY WELL FIT.COM also have an article explaining just what the term “natural flavouring”means and why they are called a food additive.

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