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The products in our home and the effect these could have on our pets

As part of our chemical ridding process, our dogs are of course one of our priorities.

After thinking about the products in our home, and the effect these could have on our animals.


We have a Labrador Retriever , he is a huge dog now, but that dog has tried eating everything in our home since we adopted him.

He has been such a worry over some of the items he has munched. We have come home to a ruined sofa, he ate the foam after opening the zip with his teeth! Scraped the wall plaster off, and probably eat that. He has eaten my cookery books.

His worst escapade I think ,was when we first moved into our new home and found we were not alone! There were mice hidden , which we didn’t want to share our new home with!

My husband had not noticed a sachet of mouse poison he had been putting in areas not accessed by our dogs, yep, Max ate that too! after an expensive emergency trip to the veterinary and Vit K treatment. He was perfectly fine but you do have to be wary of just what you leave around your home.


Then there is some of the chemicals, that are used to protect them from such things as ticks and other ‘nasties’ they find on their walks.

Part of the preparing of the household cleaning products, was the use of essential oils, not only for the scent, but also the usefulness of oils such as Tea tree, being used as a disinfectant.

Lavender for the well being and relaxing element .

We have  seen certain  essential oils that can effect our animals and yours. There could be more that we haven’t found, it is best to check before using.


Since first writing this article , I was reading a similar article on the newspaper THE METRO.CO.UK the newspaper was high lighting a story that I think was first high lighted on Facebook.

This concerned a lady who was using her Diffuser  with Essential oils, which in turn affected her dog. It really brought home to me again just how careful we have to be. With season such as Christmas and the scented candles which always seem to given as a present. 


Has a good article and a downloadable list of essential oils to be wary of for both Dogs and Cats

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Our very dear friend, had been using Tea tree near her dogs, not realising how harmful that could be.

The dog ended up very ill at the vets, thank goodness all is well now.

It brought home to us the dangers of some of these oils.

FOUND ANIMALS.ORG has a full list as in below

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Essential oils bad for dogs

Tea tree



Ylang ylang


Cinnamon ( this one took us by surprise )

Pine and sweet birch

Wintergreen and Pennyroyal

Also Peppermint , other than in small doses ( by the ASPCA) we had heard about this being added to a flea repellent.

BAD for CATS again there could be many more, best to check first, before adding it to your cleaning products.


Peppermint oil

Tea tree oil ( again)

Pine oil and sweet birch oil

Eucalyptus oil


Citrus Also lemon


Clove oil and Oregano oil

and Pennyroyal


One of the other issues for us, was the chemicals used in protecting the animal from ticks.

Any residues from their coats or collar, could be in contact with furnishings and us.

Of course we need our dogs to be safe too.

We moved to the south of France about five years ago, fantastic, but it came with an increased problem of ticks, and Lyme’s disease( article by the MAYO CLINIC ) which was very frightening.

I had come across this before, when living for a few years in NY,  so I was aware of the terrible side effects of being infected with this disease .

I know that this unfortunately, is spreading across to other countries, and is already in the U.K. too.

There are tablets you can give the animals, to prevent the tick taking hold, but I have seen very mixed results on the health of the animal, some as in all medications having adverse effects with some animals.

We have also looked into making our own sprays , but there is caution on using essential oils and the effectiveness of the mixture.

I wanted to give a balance of different ideas, maybe a starting point for you to find out what works best for you and your animals.

I found a video on a number of natural ways by Natural Remedies

Food grade Diatomaceous Earth was another suggestion made to us, which I see is also recommended in this video.

I understand that this can also be added once a week to their food

There  is an interesting  article about using Diatomaceous Earth on Dogs Naturally

We hope some of these ideas will help you too.


I heard about this product a couple of days ago, we have not tried it as yet.

PETA.ORG have some good advice on other solutions to Flea prevention and what problems can occur when using some products..


We had seen a few uses of this with dogs. Adding it to their water each day.

This article on WHOLE DOG JOURNAL  really explains the benefits and the amounts that can be used.

They give a huge list of conditions that it can be helpful with.

PET INSURANCE U also give advice on using Apple Cider Vinegar on ear infections amongst other uses.


Just the thought of worms, yuk! but I wanted to give maybe a few other options too.

We are adopting another puppy tomorrow, so I know that worming is going to be something we need to use again frequently.

It is amazing what we pump into our pets each month.

DOGS NATURALLY MAGAZINE.COM has some great advice on this and other pet related topics.

After listening to a great interview with a holistic vet . We now give our dogs fresh vegetables each day, they suggest 20% is best to keep your dog healthy.

We even filter their drinking water now. Our Labrador actually refuses normal water, he just gives you the” look”and as soon as you filter the water drinks it with no problem. It makes me wonder if there is some sort of smell before it is filtered?

After reading the information above , I see they are saying the same advice.

Our dogs love their vegetables.

I can see recipes for natural fermentation of vegetables too, I think the whole family are going to try these.

I came across this article on the CANINE JOURNAL . Giving a great list on what is good to feed your dogs and what should never be fed to them. It gives the reasons too why you should be very careful. I had heard of most of them, but a couple were a surprise, more in the tiny amounts that could could serious illness or death.


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We have been more aware of some of the toxic chemicals, that are also put into dog shampoo.

I wanted to find some healthier alternatives.

I have read, that you can not use the same shampoo, as you use yourself, due to the PH level in them.

AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB give a few homemade recipes for these.

THE HEALTHY DOG.CO has a six in one chemical free dog shampoo with good reviews.

PET HEAD have an oatmeal shampoo for dogs, which seems to be free of the nastys stuff. It has been difficult to see a complete list.

Oatmeal is good for dry skin.

VIOVET.LTD also have this product with more information on its ingredients.


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AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB has a great list of these.

It is so tempting, to give them a little of what you are eating, but there are dangers to some of these fruits and vegetables.

We were already aware of not giving , onions, grapes, chocolate but there are some surprising ones on the list.


I saw an article like this pop up on Facebook.

I had never realised that something supposedly “Natural”( RAWHIDE) was plainly so disgusting, toxic and dangerous.

This article is about RAWHIDE and written by NATUREGNAWS.COM 

You often see these in Christmas bags made up for your dog .

Mind this year I wonder what are new puppy is going to make of the Christmas tree! We stopped getting a real one, when we got our first dog as I worried about a pine needle getting into their paws. This puppy is into everything, I have never had such an agile puppy before.


On VETS NOW.COM  they have a list which also has some items similar for dogs.

Milk was one that surprised me.

I have seen the kitten milk on sale, which I guess must be a different formula.

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