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( Updated Feb 2021)

This Blog was something I have been thinking about.

Having had four daughters, ladies personal items are something you have to purchase frequently.

It all looks very sanitary if you get my point, but how are they made?

Is there safer alternatives? and is there new ideas on what to use?

Is there new ideas on what to use?

I have four beautiful daughters, and finding feminine hygiene products to use,that are safer, or maybe something new that might be available.

I was having a conversation with my mum recently ,about what girls had to do when she was younger. She said that they were rolling up fabric and washing out everything.

In a way some of these ideas are going back a little in time, but, there are  other solutions to keep ourselves and girls safer.

I have to admit, when my oldest daughters were living with me, I was pretty clueless, to all these issues with chemicals.

After all this digging into the products and chemicals we are exposing our skin to, it has changed my views totally. 

Then to have these same issues, on something as personal, as a feminine product.

The chemicals are so easily  absorbed into our blood stream, it makes me very angry!

The Period Co- “5 Ways Sanitary Pads Are Killing You” As they say, the cotton in your sanitary pads are not normally white. A bleach products is used to whiten them.

Not only is this a huge danger to our health, apparently the Dioxin can go into the fat cells and hang around for 20 Years! Following the problems with Dioxin is the heavy use of pesticides in cotton production . Here is some more information on the Shocking \cotton Industry

Why on earth can’t they make safe products?

Don’t tell me its all for profits as usual!

The fact that they know, what they are making these things out of, but they still do it!

To find stuff that is safer for us ladies and girls, is so much more expensive. Most girls can’t afford that, its not just one packet a month is it?

I have put a link to to a couple of reports, on the chemicals that can be found with these products.

One is with ANSES a French site, although the information is in English.( from Link) “ ANSES’s expert appraisal also examined the risk of menstrual toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Its work showed that the risk of developing this disease, caused by a bacterial toxin, is related to the conditions of use of the feminine hygiene products.

(Following the information above , This report was written in 2018 , they are the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety. )

THE ORGANIC CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION  Have a really in depth report on the chemicals being used in Feminine hygiene and Baby Diapers/Nappies. Written in 2019 , they show some very scary results. ( from Link) “Any chemicals, fragrances or plastics used in the manufacturing of the product do not have to be disclosed. However, these products sit right up against your skin, the largest organ in your body and also the thinnest. Less than one-tenth inch separates your body from potential toxins. What’s worse, the skin around your vaginal area is highly permeable. “

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH NEWS Cover the same issues with a little focus also on Babies products. (from link) “

“Women are using these products from the age of 12, maybe younger, and almost until 50 – that’s like four decades … once a month,” said Zota, who was not involved in the study but whose research focuses on social disparities, environmental exposures, and reproductive and children’s health.

“That’s chronic exposure,” she added.”

Explaining how Babies and Women are being exposed to Hormone Disrupting and Toxic Chemicals.

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What are these? are you as clueless as I was?

I first saw them in our supermarket in France. They look unusual, I wasn’t sure how you were supposed to fit them either.

I wanted to put some information that I have since found, I hope you find it helpful.


I was reading the BBC news channel today, there was an article on these products, these doesn’t seem to be enough education before women are using them.

The incorrect use could be causing women to suffer some pelvic organ prolapse. I didn’t realise some of these cups can last 10 years! There seems to be calls for more regulations into these.

According to some women they interviewed they didn’t find the instructions clear enough.

Below is a video with instructions. Following the video are some places and brands you can have a look to see the differences between them.


( Australian) has a good article on how to use them, more information allows a much better understanding.

ORGANICUP .COM Has another clearly written instruction step by step , how to use and keep them clean.

A very important message as they can last so long. Cleansing these correctly as they could harbor germs .


Has some information on how there can also be a risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome with using these.


Have more information on staying safe and other areas to be aware of. This one of the brands that I kept coming across.


wrote an article in 2017 with a list of non toxic feminine products, which covers the Menstrual cups as well. ( from Link)

“Glyphosate, chlorine, fragrances, and a surplus of other toxic chemicals all up in your lady parts?? Thanks, but NO THANKS.

Believe it or not, we actually have to worry about finding non-toxic period products because our feminine hygiene routine can be a big contributor to our chemical exposure. Just think about it: we have to wear various period products throughout the phases of our cycles for a minimum of 5-10 days every single month for decades! And because they’re situated right against our skin or inside our actual bodies, we’re that much more available to absorb whatever chemicals are lurking in them.”

So much sense in this article. I am always amazed just what women have to go through to keep safe!


I have to admit, I hadn’t heard about these until a couple of years ago. This article, has some of the questions answered, on using them and keeping them hygienic.

If you can get on with them ( after choosing a safe product) the benefit to the environment is substantial.

So far I have come up with the same material with these.

That is Medical Grade Silicone.   ORGANICUP MENSTRUAL CUP  Info from their site link.

  • Made with medical grade silicone that is safe for Your Body
  • Ultra hygienic and anti-bacteria
  • Winner of Allergy Award 

DUTCHESS has a Plant based organic cleaner for Menstrual Cups. Which to me, seems to be a better option than synthetic chemicals.

They have also reviewed Organic reusable pads.

MOONCUP this seems to have a huge amount of positive comments on Amazon.

ATHENA Menstrual Cup, They say they are very soft , come in two sizes and a carry bag.

I didn’t give much thought to the sizes of these, but if you have had children, you will probably need a different size.

TREE HUGGER Has some really good organic options, and suggestions

I came across another brand today called Your All of their products are made of certified organic cotton, there is no plastics used at all, to allow these to be also environmentally friendly. They produce, Pads- day & Night. Tampons, Menstrual cups- 2 sizes, also intimate wash and oil. They have some very interesting blog subjects too. Made in Poland this company will also ship their products and offer a subscription service.


 I sometimes think, I must walk around with my eyes shut in the supermarket, as again I had never heard of these.

I just thought ,you used pairs of underwear, that you didn’t particularly like, as they probably would get ruined, you know ,those ones hidden in your chest of draws for the following month! 

I suppose the worry is will they work? are they absorbent enough for the heaviest days? I have seen some good reports of how much they absorb, which is going to make you feel more comfortable while sleeping.


Has a very good article on how these work, the different thickness of the ones on offer.

They give advice on how these can help on avoiding Toxic Shock Syndrome.

.( some information from BETTER HEALTH CHANEL )

Which is a big worry when wearing tampons. I  read some heart felt stories on social media. 

It was interesting to read that they can adsorb two tampons worth of blood, and they absorb all of this without it sitting on top, and feeling yuk. 

There is also a version for swimming which is great news. That is always a sore issue in our house, it always seems to be planned, and then along comes the period!


Have one type of pants but these are suggesting using another product with them.


Menstrual Pants are offering complete protection without the use of another product. Also offering swimming pants.

They have their own website which offers a lot more information and styles found here.

They use ( from website -products  like Bamboo, Merino Perform Wool and Microfibre)  natural fabrics. Fantastic!


also offer the pants but say they can hold up to 4 tampons worth. WOW that’s a lot. 

Also available on Amazon  Info from site – All our fabrics are OEKO Tex which means they are certified free of harmful chemicals and are safe for your skin.

 Great to read something positive.


 I love the look of these, they are very pretty and washable.

Some come with a charcoal base to absorb odours.


Have a number of reusable products from Panty liners, to Menstrual Cups and reusable cleansing pads.


are offering some reusable pads with some really pretty patterns which also fix under your pants.


Have some reusable pads that have plain fabric, if the patterns are not your thing.

Or you are wearing something a little see through!

TOPSY DAISY.COM also have a full range of reusable wear.


Offer a step by step on how to make your own Panty Liners with a template .  


Has a step by step on how to create your own Panty Liners  


If you still just want a disposable product ( which  can be handy if you are on holiday )


Has a great article on the top 11 best organic tampons 


Have an article, looking at the difference between Organic and Non Organic Tampons . I wanted to give other opinions so that you can make your own mind up, on what is more important for you.


Offer a number of products with organic cotton. Including Maternity Pads. Also Organic baby wipes.

After having a baby your period seems to go for ever!

They also offer Organic Tampons

  RAEL are also offering Organic Pads.

BUSTLE have an article on the best 3 Organic Pads for sensitive skin.


FLO also offer Organic Tampons and Bamboo Pads.

IMSEVIMSE make a reusable Organic Tampon.

  CLOTH PADS / WORD PRESS has an informative article on using reusable Tampons


a website made for safer women’s hygiene products.

They are based in the USA, I have just come across their site ,which looks very helpful.

They are offering a multitude of products.

They also do a first period kit. This sounds a great idea . It is something special for your first time. Its is a big thing , your first period, a start of becoming grown up and a young lady. It gives you a way of maybe talking privately with your daughter.


I couldn’t find an image for these,unless you want the same one that you wash your car with!

JADE AND PEARL have natural sponges for use in Menstruation.

Something I had not thought of before, not sure how good this but it is natural!

A friend of mine tried these, but said they took her some time to get used to them. She found them a little messy. But at least it something else on offer. ]]>]]>]]>


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It always seems to be the time, when you have planned to go on a trip,to the beach or the pool and then your period turns up! Or a swimming session in school.

I came across some really good advice, from a site called HELLO CLUE.COM which gives some really great ideas on what to use ( not always a tampon)

They also clear up  some myths, that has been around forever.


Well this has happened to all of us I am sure. It can be very embarrassing, especially if you are staying with someone else, or in school or work.

I have found an article on TEEN VOGUE – 10 ways to remove blood from fabric

Some great ideas.



A funny little story from a translation.

I just wanted to add a little story here, as I have mentioned before , we are living in France and some translations can be a little embarrassing!

I had made some sun dried tomatoes in an olive oil for a good friend of mine, simple enough?

I mentioned to her, it didn’t have any preservatives in it, so keep the jar in the fridge. She burst out laughing, apparently  Preservatives in France are CONDOMS! 

Doing the searching for this blog, has been an eye opener for me.

After looking on some of the sites, and then thinking a bit deeper, beyond using feminine products, it made me wonder about how they make condoms.

We as women, obviously come into contact with these too.


have an article with 11 UN-SEXY CHEMICALS LURKING IN CONDOMS , an interesting read.

COSMOPOLITAN also have an article on Organic Condoms / Vegan Condoms.

I am really impressed that they tackle these subjects.

I came across a Vegan alternative one , made using a thistle extract.

Made by GLYDE and available through Amazon on this link.( Info from link.)

Glyde condoms are dairy-free, glycerin-free, paraben-free and void of all risky chemicals including talc, nonoxynol-9, and benzocaine. The 100% plant-based product can even be composed.

Following on from these –



This is a product made from ( info from Link) –

Purified water, Kiwifruit plant extract, Citrus seed extract (preservative), Xanthan plant extract, Vegetable glycerine, Citric Acid, Potassium sorbate, Sodium citrate


Another product which is also Organic, made from (info from Link)

Two rich organic butters: Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter, two fine emollient oils: sweet Almond oil and Sunflower oil, a little white organic Bees wax and some Vitamin E.

I put a highlight on the Almond oil , just in case of nut allergies. not condom compatible


also do other natural personal products.


I know this seems a little odd to add here.

We have travelled quite a bit , especially when we were house hunting in France.

It is terrible, trying to find a clean loo quickly.

When you have a young daughter, it was not easy.

When they want to go, its now, not when you find a loo!

I thought I would add some ideas I had come across. A great idea when camping or festivals. Also when caught short when pregnant.


A great name! this is the washable variety with a case too.


These are the disposable type. Great just for a day out.