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I guess that men have as many issues with their skin as women.

My Husband suffers from dry skin, and nowadays at least men are taking better care of themselves and using creams and facial products,so much more than before. It can mean that your products are not safe from them taking yours now too.

In my dads era, it was soap and a shave, some deodorant and hair cream, some Brylcreem  or Vitalis hair tonic.

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Or as my dad told us, his mate was using butter at one point! not great when it melted in the heat.

Men would have been horrified at using girly products.

Mind when we were in school, the guys doused themselves in Brut and Hai karate .

Yuk! I think that it was a substitute for deodorant!

I just had to put one of these adverts on, my husband even remembered her name.


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I have never seen so many guys with beards at the moment. Could this be because they just find shaving a chore? Men’s faces can get very tender and sore. My husband found he could only shave every other day to protect his skin.

I have come across a number of products for the beards that keep them looking more groomed and soft.

I am not sure there are many women who fancy a guy with a straggly unkempt beard.


I  had never realised that you can get oil just for beards!

One article I saw, mentioned how it really helps the skin underneath the beard. When you think about it, conditioning the skin makes a lot of sense.

Reading stories to my children , there was a story called the “TWITS” by Roald Dahl .

Which still gives me images of what you DON’T want to find in your beard!

The beard oil is a blend of organic oils such as -Argan, Jojoba,Sunflower, Hemp seed and Coconut Oil .

It is suppose to promote hair growth. The reviews say it leaves the beard soft.


Beard wax – natural oils and essential oils for fragrance, please look at the label as it may contain a nut oil.

I saw this VIDEO on helping your Beard by LIVE BEARDED it seems to give some ideas on simple mistakes. More guys with beards. Is it easier to deal with ?

It definitely seems to be in fashion.


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I have to admit for me, a clean shave is wonderful, not to get a razor burn if you want a kiss!

I know the advertisements of men on the TV or in magazines, they have that kind of sexy stubble . Which does look good on those photos!

We were going through the routine of my husband shaving one day , then he would leave it for one or two days to ” give his skin a rest” . We had never really come across a product to give enough of a protection through the shave.

While hunting for recipes on shaving products, I came across a website called BUMBLEBEE APOTHECARY.COM 

This Shaving Butter is absolutely fantastic!

It is the first time my husband has been able to shave four days in a row. Which is amazing. It was really simple to make.

Normally he can’t shave more than one day in three.

We are totally sold on this recipe, not only good for men but for us women in the house too.

The Ingredients as mentioned on her video are-

1/4 cup of OLIVE OIL

1/4 cup of COCONUT OIL 

1/4 cup ofCOCOA BUTTER 

3 Tablespoons of CASTILE SOAP

24 Drops of —- 4 drops of TEA TREEessential oiland 20 drops of Lavender or Cedar oil.

We just used more of the Tea tree Oil.



This was the mixture before the heat melted it all.


It melted down very easy .


You then whip up the mixture, I didn’t have an electric hand whisk, it would have been easier than using a hand balloon whisk, but it still came together really well.


This was our final product. It is certainly a big hit in our family.

Thank you so much for the recipe.


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The razor blades are great with that lubricant strip, but it doesn’t last too long. There seems to be a whole host of razor types around. At least there are a more sustainable variety on offer now.



There are a ton of hair products on the market. A lot of them have bases like a chemical soup.

VICE.COM have a long list of chemicals that should not be in your hair products.

What do these chemicals can do to your system? Again the difference in the amount of chemicals deemed safe in the USA to the EU is shocking.

After looking into these products, it is usually what you feel you can live with personally, maybe you have been using a product for years and can’t do without it.At the end of the day it is down to a personal choice. At least you can be informed as to what chemicals are used for and the effect of them, short and long term. You can find the link here to research sites. You can input one chemical or look for a specific product. 

HAIRSTYLING CLAY – by Seven Potions, formulated for men , a matt finish made with oils and essential oils.

NO GUNK STYLING FUNK love the labelling on this product, They have a number of products on their page, and won a PURE BEAUTY GLOBAL AWARD in 2018 .

This page has a number of men’s products. Though looking into some of them they still give the generic perfume or fragrance where they can hide a multitude of sins! I wish they were all up front on what they are hiding behind these labels.

You can also find a huge number ofSHAMPOO and CONDITIONERS also with recipes that are suitable for both Men and Women on this link. 


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Thank goodness for these! They come in all types

GREENPEOPLE CO.UK and  have some warnings on inhaling  the spray deodorants, some explanations on other ingredients too.