MEN’S Personal Care & Hair Products

In todays world, men are using many more personal care and hair styling products.

This is a good thing, as men doing manual, outside work and can be exposed to more weather conditions, also pollution which can effect their skin. When was the last time a guy thought about putting on sunscreen before going to work? Or moisturizing their face and lips if working in the elements? My husband is just as bad, he just never thinks about it.

Are your expensive products safe from them ? Or is your moisturizer going down?. In fact the growth of Men’s personal products has grown substantially on STATISTA

They say that men’s personal grooming care products will reach $ 81.2 by 2024, that is some serious growth in the market, with many more products now being used from moisturizers, face masks, facial cleansers and eye serums, the list goes on. Even bronzing products.

In my dads era, it was soap and a shave, some deodorant and hair cream, some Brylcreem  or Vitalis hair tonic.

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Or as my dad told us, his mate was using butter at one point! not great when it melted in the heat.

Mind recently seeing the photo of Rudy Giuliani leaking hair dye down the side of his face! I couldn’t believe someone in the public eye who could use that kind of dye!

When I was in school, the guys doused themselves in Brut and Hai karate instead of washing and deodorant! I am not sure that anyone thought of using anything other than soap.


I have never seen so many guys with beards at the moment.

Could this be because they just find shaving a chore? Or is there an influence with celebrities?

Men’s faces can get very tender and sore, shaving everyday.

My husband found he could only shave every other day to protect his skin. Taking care of your skin is very important. Now we have mask wearing issues too, it must be hard to fit your mask over a beard.

I have come across a number of products for the beards that keep them looking more groomed and soft.

I am not sure there are many women who fancy a guy with a straggly unkempt beard.

This video below has a huge following. A good looking guy, some of the comments on the video made me smile, I saw a later video of him having his beard shaved off. It must be a shock after lovingly growing one for some time.

Some of the recommended products for conditioning your beard are below- this is to save our faces too from being scratched to pieces.


Oil just for beards( better for itchiness) and care of the underlying skin is so important. There are also Organic Balms for beards( Better for styling) Depending on what your looking for.


Beard wax -with natural oils and essential oils for fragrance, please look at the label as it may contain a nut oil.

I saw this VIDEO on helping your Beard by LIVE BEARDED it seems to give some ideas on simple mistakes. More guys with beards. Is it easier to deal with ?


Yes this was a new one on me!

I guess if you can suffer with dandruff in your hair, it can also happen with a beard.

Again a lot of issues are down to the moisturizing .Pure Jojoba Oil Organic Beard oil is suggested to help stop the itching, on this link on Amazon.

(With everyone having to wear a face mask at the moment , is not helping with some of these skin conditions. I have seen men having issues with spots and blemishes under the mask, causing irritation.)

Best Beard Oils

Beardoholic– All Natural blend of oils – for itch & dandruff plus hair growth

Honest Amish Oil – Their products are natural and they have organic ingredients.

Organic beard oils here on link.

STUBBLE AND STACHE have some help in this area too. They reckon that more than 50% of men at one point or other has had to deal with it. Dry skin, sensitivity to products or as mentioned in the link- also Microorganisms causing many issues.

Keeping your beard and skin clean and moisturized seems to help. Finding the right products to be in harmony with your skin is also very helpful for prevention.

Beard oil are a blend of organic oils such as -Argan, Jojoba, Sunflower, Hemp seed and Coconut Oil .

These oils help to promote hair growth. The reviews on these oils say they leave the beard soft.

TOM FW Has a number of homemade recipes for BEARD BALM, after seeing some of the costs of these small pots, it has to be worth a try. The recipes are made with Beeswax , Organic Butter( Most often I have seen the use of Sheabutter), a Carrier oil plus an Essential oil.

Coloring Your Beard

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Beards like all our hair will grow grey, if you are not ready as yet to become a ‘silver fox’ then looking for a natural way of coloring your beard maybe something you have been looking for.

Actually my husband came across this website called Grizzly Mountain Beard Dye. They offer a permeant beard dye, 100% chemical free and organic. This is made from Henna ,Indigo, Neem Tree, False Daisy and Fresh Emblic.

Great looking website from a company based in Canada. They offer different shades from browns to black. Maybe you just want to tone down the grey a little.

Also available here on Amazon.

There is another company offering a Henna product for beards here too, comes in many colors.

Root to Leaf– offer an organic Indigo product that can be blended with other natural ingredients- They suggest it can also be used for baldness and conditions the hair.

Earth Dye- Another company offering a Henna and herb dye-Info On Link. They offer help to match up your beard color too. Made in USA.

So far I can only find natural beard dye with a henna and herb base. If you know any others that we can share, hop on our community group.


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GOLDEN GROOMING COMPANY have 7 ways to create growth for Black men’s beards. The hair type can be more difficult to keep groomed. It can need more moisture, with oils and avoid harmful chemicals .

Not using normal shampoo and conditioners can help. Of course a good diet helps everyone. Also drinking enough water to stay hydrated.

Using the right comb or brush to keep it tangle free, can really help.

It really seems that you a commitment to grow a beard that looks and feels just the way you would prefer, it can be fairly high maintenance.

Dappermane have some ideas on “How to Maintain Your Beard

They explain how growing a beard as a black man is  unique and have its challenges. This is due to the difference in hair type. Curly hair can get the problems of ingrown hairs and skin issues. Also keeping your beard maintained by shampooing and conditioning it, trimming and brushing and combing , even if you are trying to grow a longer beard.

Black Beard Brigade – who also make natural products for beards have a great video on the different stages of growing your beard.

If you prefer shaving with an electric razor

I noticed today that Amazon are recommending an electric one by WAHL as it helps with the different texture of the hair, bumps in the skin and ingrowing hairs.


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ASKMEN Have got a list of 25 products just for men’s ethnic hair. Going into moisturizing and exactly what hair type you have to make the most of your hair.

HELLO BEAUTIFUL – Have a list of the Top 50 Natural Hair Products for Black Hair – There are a lot of products with Shea butter , Argan oil as they help with adding moisture.

(Though check on the ingredients of these products as I have found some with ingredients that I don’t really think match up to the title of ‘Natural’. ) There are some Organic and pure products there too.

BYRDIE – Have a list of 9 Nourishing Natural Ingredients For Black Hair – This list is much more what I had been reading about before, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil and one that I haven’t seen recommended before was Avocado Oil. They even suggest water as their first one. Much more natural, enabling you to choose Organic oils too.

I came across a fantastic small business owned by black women who understand the care needed to care for afro and tight curly hair. They produce hair products with natural and some organic ingredients, offering Top 7 Tips for men’s Afro Hair care, they are called Afrocenchix They offer advice on how often to wash your hair, the best shampoos that wont strip your hair of the natural oils, conditioning and moisturizing. Keeping your hair protected and having a healthy diet. They have a huge range of hair products on offer.

What Hair Type am I ?

This video is by Trav White, he breaks down this complex subject really well – it just makes working out what products are best for your hair type.


What causes this problem?

This can be genetic, and any age. It can be effected by medication or stress.

Healthline have some advice reviewed by a doctor. “ How To Grow Hair Faster For Men” These seem to cover much of what I listed before, diet and eating healthily, reducing stress using meditation, music, yoga. One that I didn’t add is to quit smoking and scalp massage.

WEBMD – Again going into things like a genetic traits, stress or an illness. ( from link –  “Hair loss that isn’t from male-pattern baldness often reverses itself.”)that is good news! They give some medications that can come from your doctor, or some over the counter medication such as Minoxidil . They also give a chart of male baldness and how it progresses.( Not sure I want to show my husband that one- too depressing) There are other drugs but you have to stay on them.

Another option is a wig. I dont think these are as bad as they used to be, you could see them from the other side of the room! I think even Elton John wears one now.

There is of course transplanting. How Does Hair Transplanting work? Will it last?

It makes me think of footballers and Elton John again. I believe that Elton John gave up on the transplant method . Its not cheap!

Medical News Today have a Dr reviewed article on this.” Do Hair Transplants Work- Types, Side Effects, and Recovery. “ They say that it wont stop future thinning.

Men’s Health have 10 Things You Should Know About Male Hair Loss – they explain what you should be looking for ( mind if you see a pile of hair in the sink or on your comb its pretty obvious)

“How quickly will you lose your hair “& “How to tell if you are going bald”.

When I got married to my husband, he used to have a fringe that was quite long, I don’t think you realize as it gets shorter and shorter over time!

What can you do as a quick fix?



This was a surprise when I came across this product. I never realised that it existed!

A great idea if someone is self conscious, there are many positive recommendations on this link. The only thing that it reminded me of ,was the film “Shallow Hal “with Jack Black. His friend sprayed his head with a black spray before they went on a date with women

Toppik Hair Building Fibres have a strong natural static charge that creates a magnetic effect, tightly binding the Fibres to even the finest strands of human hair.

Derived from a natural wool source, the premium Keratin used to create Toppik Hair Fibres is nearly identical to human hair and allows the fibres to blend naturally and undetectable. ( information taken from the link )


A type of shield so that the product doesn’t go over your face. Could get messy!


Another brand also on this link. Available in 9 Colours

Keratin, Cetrimonium Chloride, Silica, DMDM Hydantoin, Iron Oxides (CI 77489)

Made of pure organic protein, KeraFiber hair fibres are completely undetectable and resistance to wind, rain and perspiration, yet easily washes out with shampoo

I came across a different way for helping with hair loss today, a product called ROLL’INS which seems to aid hair growth by rolling a wheel like attachment with small spikes ( not as scary as it sounds!) Another make being shown below in the video , is a Dermaroller. This is a clear video on how to use this with natural products.


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I have to admit for me, a clean shave is wonderful, not to get a razor burn if you want a kiss!

I know the advertisements of men on the TV or in magazines, they have that kind of sexy stubble . Which does look good on those photos!

We were going through the routine of my husband shaving one day , then he would leave it for one or two days to ” give his skin a rest” . We had never really come across a product to give enough of a protection through the shave.

GQ have a list of the 11 best razors that they have found. Of course these are mixture of brands.

Sustainable brands are a little different, maybe you would prefer the handle made of bamboo?

BEECO.GREEN have a list of razors that are better for the environment. These allow you to just recycle the blade.

AMAZON also have a good selection of these.

Talking with my husband, we were wondering why these are still single blades, as he normally uses a three blade , as he says his beard is very tough and often the single blade doesn’t cut close enough. I prefer the look of these razors and definitely the recycling aspect.

I have offered to try the old single blade barber style on him, but he wasn’t keen!

Of course there is always an electric razor . These come in all different prices.


While hunting for recipes on shaving products, I came across a website called BUMBLEBEE APOTHECARY.COM 

This Shaving Butter is absolutely fantastic!

It is the first time my husband has been able to shave four days in a row. Which is amazing. It was really simple to make.

Normally he can’t shave more than one day in three.

We are totally sold on this recipe, not only good for men but for us women in the house too.

These products are also available to buy on her website

The Ingredients as mentioned on her video are-

1/4 cup of OLIVE OIL

1/4 cup of COCONUT OIL 

1/4 cup ofCOCOA BUTTER 

3 Tablespoons of CASTILE SOAP

24 Drops of —- 4 drops of TEA TREEessential oiland 20 drops of Lavender or Cedar oil.

We just used more of the Tea tree Oil.


This was the mixture before the heat melted it all.

It melted down very easy .

You then whip up the mixture, I didn’t have an electric hand whisk, it would have been easier than using a hand balloon whisk, but it still came together really well.

This was our final product. It is certainly a big hit in our family.

Thank you so much for the recipe.

There are a number of Organic shaving products even on Amazon

MODERN SOAP MAKING have a tutorial complete with the recipe for making your own shaving soap without palm oil.

SHAVE MAG – Have The Best Organic Shaving Cream

SKINCARE OX Has 7 Best Organic & Natural Shaving Creams For Men & Women – Explaining what oils and creams work best.


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The razor blades are great with that lubricant strip, but it doesn’t last too long. There seems to be a whole host of razor types around. At least there are a more sustainable variety on offer now.

Plastic Disposable Razors

Yes of course they are convenient but the cost to the environment is costly. The time in landfill could be hundreds of years, considering that they think it could take a thousand years for one plastic toothbrush, I can’t see the plastic razor being any quicker.

Rockwell Razors have written a report on just how detrimental these are to our environment. They say the life of an average disposable razor is 2-3 weeks and it having being used around 6-9 times. They say that the blade will rust away into nothing, leaving the plastic handle behind. They say that ” safety razors are built to last a lifetime.” Rockwell handles are made of stainless steel and can be recycled.

Some other types on the link here too

This link is for a Bio Razor, pack of 4 disposable razor with a bio-degradable handle.


Men’s Skincare is as important as women’s . Men’s skin has the daily weather elements and shaving everyday, which can take its toll.

Here are some natural brands that don’t use harmful chemicals.

LYONSLEAF Skincare– This company based in Somerset UK , Use only Natural Ingredients They also grow their own herbs and flowers to prepare their products . They also make a number of products for skin with problems such as Acne, Hives, Dermatitis and many more. They don’t use water in their products so they are more concentrated. I noticed that some do contain some nut oils , so checkout the label if you have any allergies.

Grown Alchemist Produced in Australia -by founders brothers Keston and Jeremy . ( from Link- Optimal skin health is not only achieved with topical skincare, but also by treating the skin from the inside out, with targeted beauty supplements. We provide the most advanced professional nutricosmetic products, formulated with the purest and highest quality active ingredients supported by scientific research and clinical results)

They have products scented with herbs for men. Products also available here on Amazon

DR JACKSON – ( from link– “All of our ingredients are rigorously tested in the lab to ensure the utmost purity, as well as being ethically sourced. Our formulations are free from parabens, sulphates, artificial fragrances or any synthetic ingredients that wouldn’t be kind to your skin.”)

This company is based on natural organic naturally sourced products.

Dr Jackson was a specialist in melanoma during his time at the Department of Dermatology at King’s College

JOHN MASTERS ORGANICS – These are a well known brand, available here on Amazon or above on the link. They have more manly scented products as well now.

Dr. Alkaitis developed in 1996 this “HOLISTIC ADAPTOGENIC SKIN CARE” organic skincare range is full of natural ingredients and the scent is neutral . Not the cheapest but it definitely looks like a quality product. Also available on Amazon here

GREEN PEOPLE – also have a range of products for men – offering Organic products with natural ingredients. I haven’t looked at every ingredient through their extensive range, but they do have neutral scents too.

BULLDOG skincare products for men. ( from Link” Our products contain brilliant natural ingredients like the camelina, green tea and aloe vera in our Original range. We combine these with carefully selected, man-made ingredients to offer superb performance at an affordable price”.)

Available on Amazon here



There are a ton of hair products on the market. A lot of them have bases like a chemical soup.

VICE.COM have a long list of chemicals that should not be in your hair products.

What do these chemicals can do to your system? One which would shock most men is that they can lower your testosterone!

Of course there is the issue of skin problems like irritation. Using detergents in products which far too harsh. Again the difference in the amount of chemicals deemed safe in the USA to the EU is shocking.

DR SQUATCH have written in depth on these issues. They also offer a range of products with natural ingredients, all explained that you can purchase. They offer starter bundles of products too. Made in the USA.


After looking into these products, it is usually what you feel you can live with personally, maybe you have been using a product for years and can’t do without it.At the end of the day it is down to a personal choice. At least you can be informed as to what chemicals are used for and the effect of them, short and long term. You can find the link here to research sites. You can input one chemical or look for a specific product. 

HAIRSTYLING CLAY – by Seven Potions, formulated for men , a matt finish made with oils and essential oils.

NO GUNK STYLING FUNK love the labelling on this product, They have a number of products on their page, and won a PURE BEAUTY GLOBAL AWARD in 2018 .

This page has a number of men’s products. Though looking into some of them they still give the generic perfume or fragrance where they can hide a multitude of sins! I wish they were all up front on what they are hiding behind these labels.

You can also find a huge number ofSHAMPOO and CONDITIONERS also with recipes that are suitable for both Men and Women on this link. 


Men have the same problems as women with the chemicals found in their products. Men are using more and more personal care products, and these will have the same accumulative effect .

My Little North Star Organics – This company make a load of Organic products without parabens, & plant based .

PURACY PRODUCTS – No triclosan, formaldehyde, parabens, phosphates, SLS, SLES, MEA, DEA, TEA, petroleum-based ingredients, animal by-products, chlorine, dyes or caustics. ( From Link)


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Thank goodness for these! They come in all types

GREENPEOPLE CO.UK and  have some warnings on inhaling  the spray deodorants, some explanations on other ingredients too. 

AMAZON also have a list of deodorants. As I mentioned before many deodorants are universal especially the crystal ones, which have no fragrance and are totally natural, both my husband and I use the same ones. There is much more information on my blog here on deodorants.

THE MANUEL .COM Have The Best Natural and Organic Deodorants for Men