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Ideas on furnishing, furniture and natural ideas that could be incorporated into our homes

Natural Home Ideas.

I think this post, might be a little bit of a hotch potch of ideas that I can find.

I wanted to give ideas on furnishing, furniture and ideas of some natural things, that could be incorporated into our homes.

One thing that could generally help our well being, was the use of plants to help detoxify our environment.

Plants are amazing they not only give us a feeling of well being by bringing a little nature into our our homes, but can also help to improve our air quality.

There is an amazing article on  EARTHEASY

They give the top 10 plants to help with our environment.

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 Areca Palm

This is one of the top plants for helping rid our home of toxic air.These amazing plants help clean our air and without any chemicals .

THE SPRUCE.COM have ways to turn your home from TOXIC to GREEN giving many new ideas and old favourites. 


Using a air purifier – there seems to be a load of these to chose from and all different prices. We have never tried these , we have seen them on sale , and being heavily advertised when we have been to these Ideal Home shows, they really seem to vary in size, cost and effectiveness. Have 12 ways to improve your air quality without using chemicals, some great ideas, it is great to have different options to try out for yourself.


I hate the thought of just plugging in a chemical air freshener, that just keeps pumping that in to our home, every so many minutes. That can not be good!

There is certainly a lot of money to be made by these companies.

There is enough advertising going on. They promise all kinds of experiences with scent for different seasons and masking the smells of pets and odours. But most are just a mask, and do not remove the problem.

I have seen articles, talking about the possibility of these chemicals giving depression and asthma .

ORGANIC AUTHORITY have some natural ways of scenting your home, without the chemicals.

NON TOXIC LIVING have other ideas about air freshening plus a list of the chemical you find in some air fresheners.

We have a friend of ours who is selling an Air freshener with Ozone. These are also available for the home, but they are very useful commercially in Nursing homes, Hotels, sports clubs etc. I have put in a link if you would like to know more. His company is called Ozofresh . The explanation is on the site . This site also explains how this product works.


We have for a long time now, just used a boiled pre- filtered water, and some essential oils in a spray bottle.

At least you know what you are breathing in.


This could be in the form of cane furniture, cotton fabrics and such simple things as baskets used for storage in the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen.

Also being aware of the items you use in your kitchen, or what you take out with you to the gym or day trips.

This is going to be a mixture of different ideas.

THIS VIDEO BY BRIGHT SIDE Covers the risks in using certain cookware and solutions. 


has ways of using your Aluminium pans safely if you just cant afford to change everything in your kitchen( who can? not me, much better to be aware of what not to use them for until you can change them for something safer)

VELAZE have a set here similar to the ones I have been using for year in stainless steel. At least without a coating they keep their appearance much better.

I just found the make I have been using,they are called STELLAR amazing pans, which clean up great, whatever I have burnt on them!

These have literally lasted me years , probably been going 30 years now! so if you consider the cost per year, it is probably less expensive than buy cheap pans constantly.

TIN FOIL – This of course is also made from Aluminium . I don’t use this at all now after seeing the effects that Aluminium can have on your body.

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I guess everyone has seen stories on the effect these can have nowadays. Not only the terrible effect on the environment, but through the chemicals that can leach into our water and drinks.

There are a couple of in depth articles below that go into both these issues. I know it is very difficult to get away from these in certain countries where the water just isn’t suitable to drink.

GET GREEN NOW has an in depth article on the effect on the environment from plastic and single use bottles.

AZO CLEAN TECH go into the effect plastic can have on our health as well as the environment.

BBC NEWS has an article in conjunction with the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION   on the health risks with plastic.

I have also seen water bottles made out of Aluminium which I am not happy using.

Doing a search, I came across a list of Stainless Steel water bottles, though I haven’t checked out all the descriptions on them. This seems a much safer option.


DR WEIL has an informative piece on the chemicals found in plastic wrap, and the dangers of using these in the microwave.

I just cant use this product anymore after seeing some of the articles, again on your health and the environment, after all this is a one use plastic. With all of the problems associated with it. I hate that the supermarket just puts it on everything.


Again this is a product that you normally don’t think of , most of the papers I see is packs of white sheets. I remember years ago the paper being brown.

So looking at this, the white paper seems to have been bleached, not great!

Though to keep the paper non stick, from what I have seen so far this has probably been treated with a silicone.

I cant say that makes me too happy either, though as yet I have not looked into silicone coating .

I think I am back to greasing stainless steel pans! Then a smile to my husband to do the washing up!

ANAPPLEADAY have a well written article on using different papers.

THEKITCHNhave an article on the difference between Bleached and Unbleached Parchment Paper.

I have seen a paper called – IF YOU CARE PARCHMENT PAPER

They make unbleached paper and different sizes available.




There are a number of books on the internet, which give lots of ideas on how to incorporate these ideas into our homes.  such as


By  Janet Sobesky (Author) 


gives many ideas on living more naturally, with ideas on paints to use as well. This link to my other blog gives you a list of companies that make natural paints, toxic free, non fume alternatives.


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Maybe being more aware of what is covering our food when we go to the supermarket would be helpful to make better choices to protect our families.

Even if we don’t want to use plastic wrap in our homes, it drives me crazy that so many food stuffs are covered in it in the supermarket.

There seems to be a movement starting to demand that the plastic come off our foods stuffs.

Even vegetables are plastic wrapped, how long has that been sitting in it? How can you even see the condition of the vegetables under all that?

I would prefer just to choose our vegetables fresh and displayed as they should be. I know at times the cost of the bag stuff is less expensive too.


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I must admit after hearing concerns with canned foods, I have tried to find alternatives in a glass jar where I can. BPA which can be found in canned goods, has concerns with Cancer and birth defects. This chemical is used in the lining of the tins and can seep into the food.

Although I know the convenience of having a stand by tin in the cupboard is very attractive.

CBS NEWS has a good article with a video, explaining the BPA still found in canned foods.

HEALTHLINE.COM also have an in depth article written about the dangers in canned foods.

ORGANIC AUTHORITY.COM have a list of 8 companies not using BPA in their canned goods. Also ways of reducing your risk while searching for safer canned goods.


Have a market survey and analysis on BPA in canned foods.

I absolutely love this site, they are so informed and easy to read.


From what I have found so far, one of these problems comes from the FIRE RETARDANT Chemicals that can be on your sofas and soft furnishings.

It is such a balance of safety, against fire, which is of course right up there on the list.


has a very informative information on all the chemicals used on furnishings and in children’s articles.

They explain very clearly about each chemical and offer some solutions too.

Looking into some more simple ideas with natural fabrics.

I came across LEEWADEE which do a variety of natural cushions, that can be used to prop yourself up while reading or watching TV. Other natural products too like bedrolls.

CASA FURNISHINGS also offer a wide range of rugs made with jute or beautiful baskets for storage solutions.


Have some wonderful natural furniture, just the sort of chairs to sit and relax with a good book and a glass of wine!


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We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so it makes sense to wonder what you are actually sleeping on.

There seems to be an advertisement on most weeks for a new mattress, be it a foam one or spring type.

There is an in depth article on how memory foam is made and the chemicals associated with different types.

SLEEP ADVISOR Give some really helpful advise if you are thinking of buying these products.

I understand that there is a need for some fire retardant too ( see the part on these chemicals)

SLEEP JUNKIE.ORG has information on these products with the list of chemicals to be aware of.

They are based in America , and do give a link to a mattress they have found which is healthier.

THE MATTRESS AND SLEEP COMPANY based in Canada have in depth information on all the particles too that can come as the mattress ages.

I came across these mattress toppers today on a french website called GREENWEEZ

They have a bamboo fabric covering and a vegetable base, really interesting.

I have not seen these before. I saw them as well on the Amazon site, but not in stock, not sure why, there was also a pillow which looks like the same type of material, again on the GREENWEEZ site. I wonder if these are a French product?


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I don’t know about your area, but where we are in France the water is very hard.

We end up with water leaving its scale in kettles and in washing machines.

Here in France, there is a map which you can pull up on the internet .

You put in your postcode and that gives you the water quality in your area.

That can be an eye opener, as to what you are drinking.

Since then we bought a water filter, and even the dogs get filtered water.

It is amazing the difference that it makes in the kettle.

REVIEWS.COM has a list of the 3 best water filters to look at.

has an interesting article on some new ideas on water filtration – they are USA based 
or companies such as ONLINE WATER FILTERS which seem to have a variety of the ones that you plumb into your tap system.