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Writing a blog for Black Men, African Americans, was mainly due to the differences in a need for different products to help with skin issues and hair types. Many of the products used by black men are more suited to the need for more moisturizing. The need for different products when growing a beard due the the way the hair follicles grow. Where to find clean, natural, healthier and non- toxic products . At least less harmful than some on the market.


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Black and Afro hair can be broken down into different types. This can help with styling . Knowing your hair type can help you to choose products to get the best from your hair. Or making it easier to choose a style that can suit your face.

These hair types are as follows-

StraightType 1 A -Fine ,B- Medium & C -Coarse- more fragile – it can be harder to curl.

Wavy Hair Type 2– A – loose ,B- defined &C – wide

Curly – Type 3 – A- loose curls B -tight curls C – Corkscrew curls

Coily / Kinky- Type 4 – A & B all Tightly coiled hair

I wanted to find hair products for curly ethnic hair, that would provide a moisturizing and caring finish. Along with hair products is using grooming products.

Finding the right brush or comb to use for your hair type can be more complicated than I thought.

ASKMEN Have got a list of “25 products just for men’s ethnic hair.” Going into moisturizing and exactly what hair type you have to make the most of your hair. This does take some work, but the results are worth it.

HELLO BEAUTIFUL – Have a list of the “Top 50 Natural Hair Products for Black Hair “– There are a lot of products with Shea butter & Argan oil as they help with adding moisture.

(Though check on the ingredients of these products as I have found some with ingredients that I don’t really think match up to the title of ‘Natural’. ) There are some Organic and pure products there too.

BYRDIE – Have a list of” 9 Nourishing Natural Ingredients For Black Hair” – This list is much more what I had been reading about before and cover many of the oils and butter that are right through this blog, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil and one that I haven’t seen recommended before was Avocado Oil. They even suggest water as their first one. Much more natural, enabling you to choose Organic oils too.

I came across a fantastic small business owned by black women who understand the care needed to care for afro and tight curly hair.

They produce hair products with natural and some organic ingredients, offering “Top 7 Tips for men’s Afro Hair care”, they are called Afrocenchix

They offer advice on how often to wash your hair, the best shampoos that won’t strip your hair of the natural oils, conditioning and moisturizing. Keeping your hair protected and having a healthy diet. They also have a huge range of hair products on offer. There is more on this company below, as they also offer some great natural beard care products.

I was reading an article on the Guardian Newspaper which mentions a “Skincare Line for Men of Color Launches in Industry Known for Racist Attitudes” it is the first ever skincare range made for black men. I find that incredible! Everyone’s skin is different, and the industry is huge, I was quite shocked that there weren’t more brands on the market.

From their article on link” specifically with a view to treat conditions which affect darker skin, such as acne scarring and hyperpigmentation – where some parts of the skin become darker than others. “

The brand was created by Patrick Boateng called Ceylon ( named because Patrick used Black Ceylon Tea in their first formulations.) There is also bundles of products available and a Subscription service.

from link “Patrick discovered that no products specifically catered to men with melanin in their skin or with different ethnic backgrounds. Worse yet, many products on the market contained harmful substances that would bleach the skin or leave it dry and unprotected from the elements”

I had a quick look on EWG and they carry two of the products which come up as a rating of a 3 & 4 . on the added link. This is on a rating of green being 1&2 the cleanest products and 10 being the most chemicals to be wary of.


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When you start to grow a beard, it is better to think about the look you would like to achieve first.

Look at the shape of your face, to see what work best with the shape and length of your beard.

Another consideration is your current hair style, will this work with the beard shape you would like?

Most of all it will take some time to achieve the look you would prefer, and a fair amount of effort from most of the information that I have come across.

GOLDEN GROOMING COMPANY have “7 ways to create growth for Black men’s beards“. The hair type can be more difficult to keep groomed. It may need more moisture as it can be dry and brittle. Using oils, balms help keep moisture in .

Coconut oil is good for having an anti-inflammatory

SOME ORGANIC BEARD OILS ( Black Owned Companies)

HOLLY HALL – Organic beard oil “soften coarse hairs and provide a healthy sheen”

Frederick Benjamin – Easy Primer skin & beard – a 2 on EWG , they also produce hair products.

Audrey James CoOrganic beard oil with  Jojoba, Hemp, Argan, Apricot Almond & coconut ( Careful if you have any nut allergies)

Scotch Porter – Soothing Beard Serum – no nasty stuff in this clean brand. Containing Avocado Seed Oil & Jojoba Seed Oil .They offer many beard products.

Not using normal shampoo and conditioners can help. Of course a good diet helps everyone. Also drinking enough water to stay hydrated and healthy.

Using the right comb or brush to keep it tangle free, is a must.

It really seems that you a commitment to grow a beard that looks and feels just the way you would prefer, it can be fairly high maintenance.

Dappermane have some ideas on “How to Maintain Your Beard “

They explain how growing a beard as a black man is  unique and have its challenges.

This is due to the difference in hair type. Curly hair can get problems of ingrown hairs and skin issues.

Also keeping your beard maintained by shampooing and conditioning it, trimming and brushing and combing , even if you are trying to grow a longer beard.


Black Beard Brigade – who also make natural products for beards have a great video on the different stages of growing your beard.

Fashion Gone Rogue – Top Beard Growth Tips for Black Men

 The process of growing the beard takes some time and work. They list the stages of care .

Trimming your beard is a must.

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The second tip is to care for your skin beneath the beard ( as we have said right through this blog, moisturizing is important )

Wash and moisturize your beard . See what works best for you and your skin and beard.

They say not to pull out ingrowing hairs , as it can leave scars on your skin.

( that is going to create patches where the hair will struggle to grow. )

Keep healthy by eating and drinking enough water.

They do say to be patient with the growing phases. It can be difficult to be patient !

I have put a link on for this black owned company called Afrocenchix they produce clean and natural products . They also produce clean products for growing a beard and offer “ An Essential Guide to Beard Care For Black Men, 9 Tips For An Epic Beard” They offer advice about healthy living and many similar tips as above. But they do offer some great products.

SHAVING ( Electric & Manuel )

If you prefer the clean shaved look, there is a recommendation on Amazon for an electric razor by WAHL as it helps with the different texture of the hair, bumps in the skin and ingrowing hairs. Amazon have a few others here . Some of these are recommended for shaving and maintaining a smooth head.

Black men can suffer with razor bumps (Folliculitis) , the curled hair can grow back into the skin, which could cause an infection. That is why looking into an electric razor which is designed for this type of skin problems, seems to be one answer. Or as I have seen suggested , to grow a beard . ( more info below on link)

Acne Keloidalis Nuchae– a skin condition at the nape of the neck. The hairs again growing into the skin. This linked article has some fantastic and clear advice for skin conditions, really easy to read.

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Finding products that allow you to shave, with organic ingredients, using natural ingredients.

Men’s Personal Care products

Dry skin, can lead to other problems with healthy skin. Finding a moisturizer without harmful chemicals is a good step.

Moisturizing your skinButtah Skin Transforming Kit– This is a black owned company, a list of ingredients are on the list, I can see fragrance on the list, not sure what that would contain. It is a long list.

E-ra Organics Face Moisturizer ” 12 in 1 plant based formula” Natural & fragrance free. The products on this companies website look wonderful. Incorporating products with tea tree and anti -itch formulas.


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Sun cream protection that doesn’t leave a white residue is not always easy to find.

One black owned company is Black Girl Sunscreen SPF30,is offering a suitable solution for daily use, all of us should be putting on sunscreen as a daily habit.

BIOSSANCE have a sun screen of SPF45A Mineral product, good for uneven skin tone. A lot of their products are the verified list of EWG which is great.