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Perfumes and fragrances are “Trade Secrets” and with up to four thousand chemicals to make them up, you’ll never know what’s really inside them!.. Here, I share what I’ve found as possible solutions and alternatives.

Perfumes and fragrances are “Trade Secrets” and with up to four thousand chemicals to make them up, you’ll never know what’s really inside them! Here, I share what I’ve found as possible solutions and alternatives.


This can mean anything from an expensive bottle you hope to get at Christmas or your birthday. To a scent used in  products such as cosmetics,men’s care and aftershave, body care, washing powder, or even cleaning products.

It can hide a multitude of chemicals. I have even seen some scents used to mask other chemical smells, the list seems to go on.

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This well written article about what can be found in your perfume or aftershaves by LEAFtv  explains that their can be over 4,000 chemicals in perfume.

My mum has always worn perfume,she has always been a glamorous mum. Using perfume everyday whilst she was working.

Women like to feel they are adding a little luxury to their daily wear.

I personally have a problem with strong scents, they can often give me a headache or migraine.

It makes me wonder now, if it was the chemicals causing me a problem, not the scent itself.

I hate being stuck in a car, or a small confined space, with someone wearing perfume .

Like an elevator , being surrounded with a strong scent, be it perfume or an aftershave .

NON TOXIC REVOLUTION also has another discussion on what can be found. They explain why companies are allowed not to list what chemicals are in their perfumes due to Trade secrets. Also what harm can come from using these products. 

The cost of perfume has always been a shock , the costs of the the advertising the bottles that they are in and eventually what is in these products. After reading FINANCES ON LINE they go into the top 10 most expensive perfumes , some of them you can understand as below taken from the link.

” Take the example of Joy perfume by Jean Patou. This scent ranks among the most expensive perfumes because it takes 28 dozen roses and 10,600 jasmine flowers to make a single bottle. The maker derives just 1/25 ounce of oil from 8,000 jasmine flowers. Other rare ingredients included in this perfume include orris, ambergris from sperm whales, oud, and Bulgarian Rose.”

I can understand the flowers,that reminds me of buying Saffron for cooking, being so expensive as it is hand picked, and just the stamen of the flowers to make the colour. If like me you didn’t know what some of the ingredients were for this perfume. OUD is an oil from a agarwood an evergreen tree, ORRIS is the root of an Iris flower. There is a video explaining Ambergris below.What I find very sad about this is the Whale dies when producing it.


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This website gives a fascinating look into how you can make your own perfume.

I remember as a child, collecting all the old petals from roses and flowers and mashing them up for perfume. Of course they all went brown and smelt awful! As a child I was  fascinated with this blending of scents.

WIKIHOW give a detailed instruction, on making your own perfume too.

This link on Amazon gives some beautiful vintage looking perfume bottles, it would make a great gift too.

I would love to give these a go, something very personal.

My daughters were given a gift of being able to make their own perfume at a gift day. Unfortunately, even with the help at the shop, one said it still smelt awful. I guess it takes a little skill to get the scent you would like.

While I was looking for a list of Toxic free Perfume.

This video was really interesting as it is a solid perfume which sounds great.

I came across a list of 16 NON TOXIC PERFUMES as listed by YELLOW.CO which has some very descriptive explanations on how the scent is made up.

PACIFICA also make 100% vegan and Cruelty free perfumes and fragrances, from what I can see on the lists of ingredients, they are blends of essential oils etc. on this link you can click into whatever fragrance you are interested in and look up the ingredients.

TREEHUGGER.COM have another list of 13 toxic free perfumes. It is great that there are places you can have another choice.

I have found, while looking up some of these brands there are some in the USA .

I also found an article on 10 best Organic and Natural Perfumes on an article in the INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER 


I kept coming across VEGAN PERFUME , that made me pause, and wonder what animal ingredients could they possibly use in a perfume?

I have to say after reading one of these articles on the UNICORN GOODS website , YUK.  Is a mild expression, for some of the ingredients used.

Such things as animal secretions, I guess the thought of musk has always in the back of my mind been an animal based idea.

Thought I hadn’t realised that it comes from the Musk Deer and a gland near the male genitals of this beautiful animal. What I hadn’t realised is that to obtain these scents they have to kill the animal. I find that totally unacceptable , to kill an animal just for a golf sized organ.

I understand that they are trying to make this artificially now, but it isn’t quite the same product.

This article on the Discover explains some of the reasons why these are used by Perfumers.

They mention a book called The secret Life Of Scent by Mandy Aftel

This book was also recommended by the NYTIMES.COM . A very good review on the fascinating world of scents.

Never again will I look at some of these Perfumes, being advertised on the TV at Christmas, without thinking about them in a totally different way!


If there is a perfume that you love , but would rather not have on your skin. I have seen advice to spray this in the air and walk through the scent , so that it just lands on your clothing and not on your skin.

There are other companies , that offer to make a perfume similar to your favourite without the animal products, one is called EDEN 

From their website No nasty synthetic preservatives, no parabens, no phthalates, all this for only £18 ( as of Dec 2019)

HARPERS BAZAAR give a list of their top 7 Vegan perfumes. Well  worth looking at this list, if you have issues with some of these additives.


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Of course men are using things such as After shave or Cologne everyday, plus they are also exposed to the same chemicals in their everyday body care products, deodorants and hair care.

LIVE KINDLY.CO give a list not only for women, but for men as well . Giving a list of 19 best  Vegan fragrances.


I really like the thought of making these block fragrances, they are easy to carry in your bag without the worry of breaking a bottle, easier to take on a flight and not worry about your liquid allowance. Below is a cologne made for the guys in your life, demonstrated by the Crafty Lumberjacks. The great idea is that you can change these oils to suit your own moods.

I wanted to add this video too from OUR OILY HOUSE as it had a roller type Cologne with Citrus notes which I know is popular in our household. This is just done with essential oils too.