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This was a new area for me, I have always ended up painting the stuff in the house, walls, woodwork etc .I actually feel at times that I should just carry around a paintbrush ,there is always something to paint.

But we moved house,and as I am sure many people have found.

Certain items left in the house, such as the kitchen cupboards, looked much nicer when you first looked at the house, with those rose tinted spectacles on !

We had the same problem, with the house we are currently in .

Of course, after finding out we had to pay for some building works too.

We had very little money to replace a whole kitchen.
After checking out all the websites, for D.I.Y shops we could find, and nearly passing out, with some of the prices on dream kitchen sites.

We had to find a different method.

So we decided to up- cycle .

The next thing to find, was some sort of cupboard to use.

Around the area we live ( we moved to rural France) are quite a few recycle shops. where you can purchase cupboards of all types that people no longer want.

Also the introduction of the Facebook Marketplace has meant a whole new area of discoveries has opened up. I find the whole thing fascinating, what people have previously brought , some are even new items. I think sometimes if you can look beyond the colour of the item and just see the shape and the potential , it can open up a huge array of items.

It did take us awhile to find the right piece of furniture, due to the size of the space available in the kitchen.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on


The next issue is to find a paint that you want to use.

There is an amazing rainbow of colours available.

We definitely wanted a healthy non toxic, non- fume paint,child friendly paint is important too, we have a puppy who does like to nibble the furniture at times, there was going to be a lot of painting going on!

I wanted to list places to find these paints, also they really vary in cost.

We found a company called Authentico which had a multitude of colours to choose from. Internal and external paint. Around 150 colours being available.

It was great using a paint, without getting a headache from the fumes.

They do have an area on their website to find a stockist near you. They have people through Europe.

Other companies we have not used – but  are offering similar paints are

Lakeland Paints they do make organic non toxic paints. They are based in the U.K.

Green Planet Paints ( based in the U.S.A)

Earthborn Paints ( U.K. based)

The Real Milk Paint Company( USA)

Earth Pigments(USA)


Also finishes , depending on what type of furniture and which room you are up scaling for.

While I have been researching other companies and paints, I have found some great ideas of what can be achieved with a little imagination.

THIS VIDEO BY THRIFT DIVING reminds me of so many pieces I have up cycled in our home.


This website has a huge amount of really beautiful up -cycling ideas.

It is really inspiring. Written by NICOLA and BIANCA.


They have other areas on how to update your kitchen cupboards, and renovations.

I found an Upcycle site which have 50 different projects to try, some are simple ideas, a lot of oh that’s so simple! They are called some are just beautiful, the dogs bed does inspire me to do something prettier for our three. Also a fabulous outside space, with some shelter with just four old doors and a roof. We have some great weather here but at times you can get some strong winds. A place to hide away from those with a good book looks great.

We have a done a few different pieces now for our home .

There is so many great ideas out there, Pinterest has some amazing ideas for up cycling furniture.

This video is on using chalk paint , a beginners guide. I have been using Chalk paint for a while now, I started off using one that looked great but then you had to cover it with a wax, then that was buffed off. Which looked great, but I found I needed to touch it up sometimes if someone put something on it, or in our house the dogs got to friendly with it!

Since then through using the Arthentico brand I found that they have a chalk paint that can be washed, which is great for use in the kitchen or heavily used areas. The amount of colours that are available is incredible.